The Crime and Punishment Film Festival in Istanbul..

 Festival website

Crime and Punishment at Istanbul Film Festival


The Crime and Punishment Film Festival, which opens on Friday, will juxtapose artistic and academic viewpoints of the quest for justice, with a special focus on coups d’état.


Miniaturk to show mini Gymnasium

by SALİHLİ – Anatolia News Agency
The miniature is modelled on the Gymnasium structure found in Sardis ancient city, the capital of Lydian civilization, will be exhibited in the Turkish miniature park, Miniaturk.

Istanbul Biennial is a show of many parts | The Art Newspaper

Istanbul’s old Galata Lodge readies for opening after a four-year restoration
Hurriyet Daily News
Galata Mevlevihane, the lodge used by Mevlevi dervishes built in 1491 in Istanbul, the Ottoman capital city, has been restored and is anticipating its official opening. ?We are ready to open the museum,? Galata Mevlevihane Museum Director Yavuz Özdemir

Tables have been cleared in Istanbul’s Beyoglu nightlife district, and …
The National
Before the clampdown, the streets outside the Refik restaurant in Istanbul would have been filled with tables – now they are empty. “There used to be 200 to 300 people here every day,” says Mahmut Kaya, a kitchen worker. “Now we have 50 to 60


10 of the best exhibitions at the Istanbul biennial

by Fiachra Gibbons

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