63 journalists are currently imprisoned in Turkey…

59 of them are in prison due to non-journalistic crimes, Ministry of Justice claims.Full list of the imprisoned journalists can be found here. That’s the tricky part. Some use being a journalist as a cover, and but most are accused of non-journalistic crimes to punish oppositionary journalism…

“Journalists not Detained because of their Writings”


The investigation under allegations of membership in an armed terrorist organization (Ergenekon) is still going on. Şık is a freelance journalist and holder of a press cart. He is detained in the Silivri No.2 L Type Prison; the investigation is still

 In other human rights related news:

Turkey to return properties confiscated from Christian, Jewish minorities

from Yahoo news

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey’s government is returning dozens of properties confiscated from the country’s Christian and Jewish minorities over the past 75 years.


Will minority newspapers survive?


According to London-based Minority Rights Group?s estimates,* there are around 23,000 Jews, 3,000 Greeks, 60,000 Armenians and 15,000 Assyrians living in Turkey today. In total their number is around 100,000.


Propaganda Trial for Hopa Protestors

from Bianet :: English

Seven people who attended the funeral of protestor Lokumcu who was killed during anti-government unrests in Hopa in May are now tried on charges of “propaganda for an illegal organization” because of chanting marches and raising their left fists.


“KCK Case A Peculiar Example on Language Rights”

The case where more than 2 thousand Kurdish politicians and rights activists are on trial stays stuck as the court refuse to allow the use of Kurdish, the defendants’ mother tongue. Lawyer Cinmen criticizes the government.

ECHR Condemns Turkey?s Military Discipline Practice

Strasbourg court finds a violation of human rights regarding disciplinary cell containment practice at the Turkish military. The court finds restraining liberties outside the judicial system, unacceptable.

Green Light for Roth’s Visit of Detained Journalists

German green politician Roth criticized restrictions of freedom of expressions in Turkey at a press conference held after she had not been allowed to visit detained journalists Şık and Şener. She finally received permission from the prison for the visit during the meeting.

In Turkey, Proposed Internet Filters Stir Protests
by Peter Kenyon AP Thousands of Turks march in Istanbul in May to protest against Internet filter regulations that were scheduled to go into effect in August. The government now says it will wait until November to introduce the measures.

Kurdish leaders charged in Turkey

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Turkey charges more than one 100 Kurdish politicians for demanding better conditions for the imprisoned ex-PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

A Turkish Army website as a source of anti-Americanism in Turkey
Today’s Zaman
When WikiLeaks posted US diplomatic cables, people had the chance to find out what exactly US diplomats had reported about specific countries and certain issues within these countries. A website belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), irtica.org,

Protesting students suspended

by MANİSA – Radikal
The rector of Celal Bayar University has suspended two students who last year protested the deputy prime minister?s visit to their university; the students have rejected the accusations, according to the daily Radikal.

“Samast’s Conviction is not Enough”

The Friends of Hrant Group gathered before the 19th hearing of the Hrant Dink murder trial in Istanbul on 29 July. The group emphasized that justice has not been delivered yet with the conviction of Ogün Samast.

More Kurdish politicians to face trial

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires
A court in Diyarbakır has decided to file criminal complaints against 300 lawyers as well as the Diyarbakır Bar Association on accusations of obstruction of justice.


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