Google Plus roundup. Part VII

Why Google+ Isn?t Competing with Facebook

from social media vb by Mac Ocampo SQB
“The funny thing is, it doesn?t think that it needs to compete with Facebook, Foursquare and Groupon,;what Google simply wants to do is to proliferate its brand. Establish your brand?s presence in every social platform to pull traffic from other companies. Divide and conquer. Google just gave it a whole new meaning.”

Google+ Traffic Falls As Users Spend Less Time on Site

by Todd Wasserman

Google+ Hangouts: 4 Creative Ways People Are Using Group Video Chat

by Amy-Mae Elliott

15 Google+ Sites & Services for Power Users

by Amy-Mae Elliott

How to Configure Privacy Settings on Google+

from Daily Bits by noemi
So Google Plus (Google+) is quickly amassing its own number of followers, although it?s probably still a far cry from the number of Facebook users. In less than a month since the launch of Google+, we?ve been seeing a lot of speculations about the number of users. From 10 million to 25 million Google+ users ? the numbers are all over the place. Google will probably never tell us the real deal on how many users they have, but there is something more important than knowing just how many people are on the social network. Privacy.

7 Ways Google+ Users Are Getting More Out of Their Circles

from Mashable! by Stephanie Buck

Google+ Chrome Extensions: 5 More Handy Tools

by Amy-Mae Elliott

Google Responds to Google+ Account Suspension Controversy

by Ben Parr

Is Google + Providing Users With a False Sense of Security?

from social media vb by RalphPaglia
“On the one hand Google’s version of the wall (Stream) combined with circles is designed to give the sharer a sense of security in that you get to choose the Circles you share with with every post. On the other hand, Circles allows you to search and follow people who interest you. So what happens when you post the drunken photo of last weekend’s party to your “friends” Circle, but your boss makes you a subject of interest to follow? Hmm…. Not so clear is it?”

Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users

by Amy-Mae Elliott

Google+ Hits 25 Million Visitors, Gets More Sticky [STUDY]

by Todd Wasserman

Why yo momma won?t use Google+ (and why that thrills me to no end) ? Scobleizer

by AdamVincenzini

Google Beyond Google+ – Five Areas Google Could Soon Be Competing In

by RickLiebling
While we all discuss Google+, Google has moved on, looking at new areas online (and beyond) in which to gather and share our content.

Will Google+ Reinvent the Search Giant?

by foratv
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel discuss the role that celebrities play in the success of social media companies. Weiner cites Ashton Kutcher?s partnership with Twitter and Lady Gaga?s partnership with Zynga.

7 Facebook Features Google Plus Still Lacks

by David Cohen

Is it Already Time for Facebook to Learn from Google+?

from Sysomos Blog by Mark Evans

5 Ways Google+ Will Drive Social Video Growth

from Mashable! by Chris Schreiber

Don’t Look Behind You Facebook, Google+ May Be Gaining On You

from social media vb by steve olenski
Google+ becomes fastest website to 25 million users and in response, the folks at Facebook go into lock down mode.

Mobile Developers Excited about Google+, Apple iCloud [REPORT]

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Google Plus?s ?Real Name? policy is abusive; Facebook is not a ?Real Name? success story

by Cory Doctorow
Here’s danah boyd in very good form, explaining why “Real Name” policies like the one Google has rammed down Google Plus users’ throats (and like the insanely naive one that Randi Zuckerberg would like to foist on the entire Internet) are an abuse of power:

Google To Revive Realtime Search, Thanks to Google+

by Ben Parr

5 Free Tools for Recording Google+ Hangouts

by Amy-Mae Elliott

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