Google Plus roundup. Part VI

Oslo Bombing Prompts Experimenting With Google+ as Breaking News Tool

from Mashable! by Sarah Kessler

The unstoppable new social network: a Google+ update

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Florence Pichon
With nearly 20 million users already, Google+ is the fastest growing social network yet. It has taken elements from leading competitors (Facebook and Twitter, most notably), and refined them into a social networking site that aims to deliver more nuanced online interaction. As the network rapidly adds features to keep from being a one-hit-wonder, it is showing potential to become the next big thing in social media- and perhaps the next tool for savvy journalists.

Google+ Profile Hacks: Users Get Creative with Photos [PICS]

by Amy-Mae Elliott

Why Google+ is Great for SEO

from social media vb by Alex Smith
“Having landed and created huge ripples in the social networking sphere, Google+ has continue to grow at a particularly rapid pace, increasing by over 10 million users in the space of a week, having now reached 20 million. There?s been a great deal written about it in comparison with Facebook and to some extent Twitter, but I?d like to draw on one of the key ways that it differs from the two; SEO. “

Google Buys Social Media Firm Fridge To Bolster Google+

by Todd Wasserman

Google+ Hits 20 Million Users, Gender Ratio Begins To Even [STATS]

from Mashable! by Todd Wasserman

Google+ First Impressions

by BradFriedman
“What strikes me is how the introduction of Google+ really morphs all of Google into becoming a social network. The navigation bar in my Gmail account, now seems to integrate sharing into every Google product. Notice my mention of a Gmail account. I am disappointed that Google+ was rolled out before it was available to users of Google Apps. Seems like those of us who pay to use Google Apps ought to be included in the rollout of new product. Usually that is not the case and I don?t understand why.”

HOW TO: Use Google+ For Your Job Search

from Mashable! by Erica Swallow

How will activists use Google + ?

from The Blog
It remains to be seen how activists will use Google + as another tool in their social media arsenal. The first step to answering this question is understanding how it works. Mashable has compiled a comprehensive guide to get you started with Google +. So dive in- and then let us know by commenting below or on Twitter, how do you think activists can best use this tool?

Google+: The Anti-Viral Social Network?

by BrendaSomich
“When relationships are no longer defined as simply ?friends? ?likes? or ?follows,? where does the mass-sharing component fit in? The easy answer? it doesn?t. And I think that?s what I like about it. Google+ is semi-private, intimate. And marketers are going to have a tricky time infiltrating it on any kind of mass level.”

Google will not run Circles around Facebook, but it gets a +1

by BrianSolis
“Part FriendFeed, part Google Buzz, part Facebook, part and all of its properties, Google Plus represents a fresh approach to social engagement not seen at this level since the early days of Twitter. In the U.S., we have only a few top traditional TV networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC. In social networking, we now have a top three to compete for the online attention of not only Americans, but also the world?Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.”

They Finally Got It Right! How Google+ Makes Web Content More Valuable

by Trevor Elwell
“Google+ organizes all of the people you are connected to into what they call ?circles?. You can have your close friends in one circle, your co-workers in another, and your business associates in another circle. This allows you to separate the content you share into your circles, so your boss won?t see the crazy night you had.”

Privacy and Google+ [Infographic]

by Jay Dunn
The number of users using Google?s new Google+ social network has climbed to over 10 million with more than 1 billion daily shares. It?s no big shock that cybercriminals?perhaps too easily caught on other social networking platforms such as Facebook?will pick Google+ as a new target. Should this give Google+ users a cause for concern? Maybe, but let?s take a look at several ways you can keep your privacy secure. Click graphic to enlarge. (via ZoneAlarm).

HOW TO: Integrate Google+ Into Your WordPress Site

by Kelli Shaver

Is Google+ the anti-social network?

from Social Media Week by MWW Group

Google Plus Heats Up Sharing With Fridge Acquisition

from All Facebook by David Cohen Google Plus will use a Fridge to continue to turn up the heat on Facebook.
Fridge ? a service that allows users to create groups and invite friends for private sharing of conversations, photos, videos, and events ? announced on its blog that it was acquired by Google and will be folded into Google Plus, adding that its users have until 6 p.m. eastern standard time Saturday, August 20, to download and save their data.

Google+ Terms of Service, Illustrated

from MediaShift
Editor’s note: When Google+ launched, there was much ado about the Terms of Service, especially in how they related to photos. So, artist Ryan Estrada set out to simplify things with the following infographics, which immediately went viral. He explains below what inspired them.

Google Plus Second Impressions (and Etiquette)

from Don’t Feed the Animals by Andrew Gonsalves
I’ve been playing with Google+ for a few weeks now and I’ve gotten to really understand how its feature set conducts the participation of its users. In my first impressions, I mused at how it potentially takes over the need for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but after more use, I have to say that Twitter is in the most danger here. Many may think that the 140 character limit was the key to Twitter’s success, but it may actually be the dynamic of asymmetrical sharing that kept it appealing in contrast with Facebook. While Twitter’s 140 characters are easy to digest when what you want to say is short, longer messages become unreadable drivel, fodder for a generation raised on text messages and bad grammar. Google+ is the grown-up’s Twitter.

Reality Check: Google Plus Is No Facebook Or Twitter Killer (But It Might Hurt WordPress And Tumblr)

from All Facebook by Shea Bennett

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