Police crackdown on ultranationalists in Zeytinburnu, a Global Voices post covers well the Zeytinburnu clashes…



Police sweep district in Istanbul, detain more than 70

by ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires

Police have detained more than 70 people in Istanbul?s Zeytinburnu district, which has been the site of ethnic-fueled tension since last week.


Ultra-nationalist crowd with sticks
Ultra-nationalist crowd with sticks, Istanbul, Turkey. Image by Twitpic user @ferditurk

Turkey: Ethnic Tension Rises Further as Street Clashes Erupt in Istanbul

by Kubra

In the aftermath of a clash between army and separatist Kurdish PKK militants which claimed the lives of over a dozen from both sides earlier this month, ethnic tension in Turkey continues to grow. Marches in the already tense Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul broke out into larger scale street fighting on the night of 21st July 2011, when ultra-nationalist Turkish groups marched to the pro-PKK BDP party office and attempted to attack it. Police were deployed and after a few hours of clashes, were able take control of the area. Social media played a large role both in the making and in the reporting of the incident as many of the marchers organised themselves through social networks, such as Facebook.


Turkey heads to more ethnic polarization


The death of 13 soldiers in Diyarbakır?s Silvan district has sparked angry demonstrations and protests against people of Kurdish origin. As politicians ramp up their harsh rhetoric, fears are building that Turkey is heading toward further ethnic polarization

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