Asmalımescit may have become the latest victim of Tayyip Erdoğan’s aesthetic assessments…

photo by @Lord_Beklan

Asmalımescit, the upbeat Taksim district, where I actually stay right now (!), seems to have become RTE (PM Tayyip Erdoğan)’s latest target. According to some twitter accounts, last Friday the PM was booed by people there when he was passing through…

photo by Milliyet

Asmalımescit have risen to be the number one spot in night life in Taksim in recent years. Especially at weekends it is over-crowded and hard to walk. Beyoğlu Municipality ordered all restaurant and bars in the district to take back all the tables that were outside their stores. This actually is a killing move as most of nightlife depends on open air street life.

photo by @piedra_

This may all be the result of municipality’s ordinary technical decisions but seeing that in recent months how RTE likes to intervene people’s lives, and knowing that Ramadan is about to start, I am a bit anxious…In a way, one could see that such an intervention would be coming. Any dynamic platforms out of AKP’s direct governance are subject to intervention… Anyway, we will see what happens…


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