Google+ roundup. Part IV

Google+ About To Hit 10 Million Users [REPORT]

by Stan Schroeder

What Features Do You Want Google to Add to Google+? [OPEN THREAD]

by Ben Parr

Google Plus Anti Divorce?

from Daily Bits by noemi
Are you plus one-ing yet, or are you still stuck with liking? Google?s beta release of Google Plus last week has got everyone online going gaga over the newest social networking site in town. With the limited and sporadic invites available, not everyone is on Google Plus yet. Still, more and more people are finding their way to the site.

Can Google+ Sustain Growth Beyond Early Adopters?

by Ben Parr

Google+ Users Are Nearly All Male

by Jolie O’Dell

Infographic: Google+ vs. Facebook, the Only Comparison Chart You’ll Ever Need | News & Opinion |

5 Chrome Extensions That Improve Google+

Google+ Mentions Beat Buzz, But Not Facebook Or Twitter [STATS]

by Todd Wasserman

Google+ Users Share 1 Billion Items Per Day, Says Larry Page

by Todd Wasserman

The Best Resources For Learning What Google+ Is All About | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

20 Google+ Tips to Enhance Your Google Plus Experience

Google+ Users? Genders Are Set To Become Private

by Todd Wasserman

HOW TO: Make a Google+ Desktop App

by Christina Warren

SMW Twitter Debates: Where does Google+ Fit into the Social Ecosystem? #G+Debate on Thurs at 1pm ET

from Social Media Week by Ben Scheim

5 Hilarious Google+ Parodies [VIDEOS]

by Amy-Mae Elliott

How to Opt Out of and Manage the Most Important Google+ Settings

from social media vb by SuzanneVara
“It so far has been living up to the love it has been given however, with any new platform we have to spend a little time learning the ins and outs before we are met with the annoying side. There is always one and Google+ is no different.”

The Brutally Honest Guide to Naming Circles in Google Plus

from social media vb by ducttape
“For those that have not yet wandered into G+, you can segment those you follow into groups (circles) with the idea that this gives you the ability to share selectively ? business contacts get business stuff, family and friends get pictures of cats doing funny things, etc.”

10 Google Plus Videos, And Some Compare Facebook

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen

The Google+ Cheat Sheet [PIC]

by Ben Parr

Pakistan: Embracing the Google+ Circles

by Faisal Kapadia
The past couple of weeks might be forever remembered as a game changer in the realm of social media in Pakistan. It was when Google rolled out its all encompassing and challenging social behemoth of a network called Google Plus.

Google + Take One

from social media vb by cksyme

Ecosystems (and Granny) Don?t Move Overnight, Not Even for Google+

from social media vb by PamMoore

CNET Explains How To Delete Your Google+ Account

from Bloggers Blog: Blogging the Blogsphere
At a time when most people are trying to get a Google+ account, CNET TV published this video about how to delete your Google+ account. Youtubecommenters are suggesting the video was “sponsored by Facebook.”

Google+ May Be the Biggest Online Conversation in the History of the Internet

from social media vb by socialmediafrontiers
“In Google+ you can potentially make a conversation with every single user of Google, not of Google+ only but Google, so if there are millions in it, you have potentially millions to exchange ideas with. Why? and How?”

Google Accelerates Google+ for Business Test Program

from Mashable! by Todd Wasserman

Should LinkedIn Fear Google Plus?

from social media vb by MarketMeSuite
“A lot of people are out there saying that Gplus is going to make Twitter into Myspace, Facebook into Friendster, but the people I really see using it are businesses for networking. So how about Linkedin?”

Are You a Facebook Defector for Google+? [POLL]

by Todd Wasserman

The Fuss About Google+ (Plus)

from Sysomos Blog by Sheldon Levine
Just over two weeks ago the world found out just exactly what Google?s secret social media project is with thedebut of Google+. Some have said it?s the Facebook killer, some said it will replace Twitter, a bunch of others can?t figure out what to make of it or how exactly to use it and even more are still waiting for their chance to get invited into it. One thing?s for sure though, people are talking about Google+.

Will Google+ Encourage us to Sidestep Serendipity?


19 Essential Google+ Resources

from Mashable! by Stephanie Buck

Google+: The Complete Guide

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

Interesting Ways to Use Google+ to Support Learning

from by tbarrett
Many early users of the latest platform for social networking have begun sharing their ideas about the potential for supporting learning. There is much to be anticipated ? I always believed that the community element was missing from the use of Google Apps for Education.

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