“No country for Turkey”. TR is not in the new EU Budget….

Turkey absent in new EU budget

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Daily News with wires
The proposed European Union budget for 2014-2020 calls for imposing new taxes on citizens and companies, marking a period of fiscal tightening. The draft budget, unveiled on Wednesday by Jose Manuel Barroso, makes no mention of Turkey, meaning that Ankara will have to wait until ?at least? 2020 to enter the EU

The 2011 Turkish elections and the prospects for Turkey-EU relations, Lars Hoffmann and Firat Cengiz

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Lars Hoffmann and Firat Cengiz
Turkey’s recent elections have created a more open-minded parliament. For the country’s future to reflect this change, both sceptical EU member states and the new Turkish government must focus on renewing the process of Turkish accession to the EU, considering the country’s economic and regional political weight and the growing number of Turks that reject future EU membership

Reconciliation with Israel faces hurdles

by HDN
The Turkish and international media have picked up on Israeli media reports that there is a secret effort between Israel and Turkey aimed at improving ties, which are all but severed now.

Israel-Turkey municipal leaders talk diplomacy – Israel News, Ynetnews


The secret codes of the Mavi Marmara

Milliyet (Turkey) 20 June 2011                                        Türkçe
Semih Idiz

There is no surprise in the reports that the Mavi Marmara is not going to be included in the international flotilla that is expected to set sail soon in order to break the Israeli blockade against Gaza. An effort is now being made for the matter to be explained with ?technical reasons,? but I am one of those who believe that there are very different reasons involved in the affair.


Turkey might help Europe recover, foundation says

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Hit by the financial crisis, the European Union might need Turkey more than ever to gear up the growth and sustain a resilient economy, said the chairman of Turkey?s Economic Development Foundation, or IKV, on Monday.

Analysis: Turkey loses patience over Syria

from Yahoo news
Turkey faces a growing danger Syrian economic and social disruption could spill onto its soil, with some fearing an influx of refugees could draw its troops into border operations uncomfortably close to Syrian forces.

French presidential candidate ‘feels close to Turks’

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The youngest contender for the French presidency in 2012 has said he is already well-acquainted with Turkey thanks to family roots that go back to eastern Turkey.

France, Turkey and PKK: Democracies vs. Terrorism

by M.A.M
Mavi Boncuk | France was for years one of the less cooperative countries in the fight against the terrorist group called ?Kurdistan?s Worker Party? (PKK), like Germany and unlike UK or Sweden. The PKK benefited from both the romantic image of ?freedom fighters? (despite the numerous slaughters of unarmed civilians) and the distorted, one-sided, image of Turkey as a cruelly repressive State. It was not until 1993 that the PKK was really banned in France, and despite this interdiction, the cooperation was more than limited during rest of the 1990s.

La Turquie avec ou sans l?Europe

by Acturca
Nouvelle Revue de Géopolitique (France)
juin 2011, n° 1

Cette collection a été conçue pour permettre a

Israel warmer to Turkey after flotilla withdrawal, says official

by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
Israel is responding warmly to Turkey after a Turkish ship dropped out of a Gaza flotilla. Meanwhile, a report says secret talks almost won an Israeli apology

Ankara à bout de patience face au régime syrien

by Acturca
Le Figaro (France) no. 20809, mardi 28 juin 2011, p. 9
Laure Marchand, Istanbul

Cinquante jeunes Syriens venus du monde entier se sont retrouvés sur les rives du Bosphore, dimanche, pour coordonner la résistance sur Internet. Cette réunion de blogueurs ne va pas améliorer les relations, qui s?étiolent semaine après semaine, entre Ankara et Damas.


Message to the christian democrats: the European Union-Turkey negotiations already started!

from Blogactiv by Cem
According to ABhaber, the christian democrats are still making an anti-Turkey propaganda at the EU parliament.

Turkey: How Long Before the Boom Turns to Bust?

Amid global worries over a Greek default, growing investor skittishness about emerging markets is a worrisome development for Turkey.

What Iran must learn from Turkey, Mohammed Ayoob

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Mohammed Ayoob
What the Iranian elite needs to learn from Turkey is how to rescue Islam from the state
Over the past decade Turkey has charted out a path that combines the essential attributes of a secular state and democratic governance with deeply held Islamic values, without falling into the false dichotomy of having to choose one over the other. However contentiously, Turkey has been held up as an example, if not a model, for Arab countries as they struggle to democratize.  And Turkey is an example not only for the Arab world but for the Islamic Republic of Iran as well.

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