In Hopa aftermath, tension remains. #secimtakip

Massive Police Intervention against Anti-AKP Demonstrators

from Bianet :: English
Heavy clashes occurred between demonstrators and the police before and after a meeting of PM Erdoğan in Hopa in north-eastern Turkey. The police threw many gas bombs and made use of water cannons. One person died, many protestors and policemen were injured.

Istanbul and Izmir under Clouds of Tear Gas
The recent police intervention in Hopa fuelled protests in Izmir and Istanbul after demonstrators had already made their voices heard in Ankara. Again, the massive use of tear gas caused a heart attack. Several people were beaten and taken into police


In other news:

Death takes one Turkish coup leader as court calls two others

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
One of the leaders of the 1980 military coup died in an Istanbul hospital Monday, hours before a prosecutor called the last two coup leaders still living to testify.

Journalist Şener Acquitted – Down to Nine
Journalist Nedim Şener was acquitted of charges of “violation of communications” by the Bakırköy (Istanbul) 2 nd Criminal Court of First Instance on 31 May. The charges had been pressed against the journalist on the grounds of the article “Identities

Paradox of press freedom in Turkey

Academic and journalist colleagues from abroad nowadays often ask me questions as to whether freedom of expression and freedom of the press are increasingly being restricted and whether the opposition is being silenced by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government in Turkey. Some of them, more familiar with the realities of Turkey, wonder how it could be that, according to, for example, the Reporters Without Borders (RFS) index, Turkey ranks 138th among 178 countries in terms of press freedoms, being among the worst 40. This is how I respond to such questions.

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