Police brutality in Hopa, Artvin: 1 dead. #secim2011 #metinlokumcu

Update 02:44 a.m. There are reports that security forces have made arrest at night in Hopa. Here is a video in which Metin Lokumcu can be seen…


Increasingly tense AKP government triggers more and more police brutality towards protestors. Before PM Erdoğan’s election rally, protestors clashed with police. A retired teacher, Metin Lokumcu died of heart attack during police forces’ pepper gas use.

The death of Metin Lokumcu was protested in Istanbul and Ankara in the evening. A giant AKP poster in Taksim Square has been held down by the demonstrators….

In Turkey Twitter Trends “Metin Lokumcu” occupies the second place followed by “katilpolis” [police, the murderer]


A scene from the Istanbul protest here. More photos and news from Hope clashes here.


Clashes break out at campaign rally for Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan

CNN International


more on the aftermath here in Turkish.

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