Devlet Bahçeli leads the fun side of elections process… Towards elections in Turkey

Today Mr. Bahçeli made the Twitter trends in Turkey again with a new video…His particular accent creates funny moments…

Devlet Bahçeli – Otasasaltık Essnik Vörsun

In the mean time,

When Erdoğan’s prompter breaks down:)


Mr. Bahçeli’s previous funny moment:

Bahçeli Püskevit Original version:

püskevitler by bahçeli.

Püskevit, Southpark version


Püskevit, Fenerbahçe version

Püskevit, the black man version

bahçeli best of:


And a roundup:


Massive Workers’ Protest against AKP Government

“No vote for you” was the message of tens of thousands of workers who gathered in Ankara to protest against a series of projects and applications of the Justice and Development Party. The workers spoke up against nuclear power plants, city planning or internet censorship.


An election period with tapes and threats

To be honest, we haven’t see an election campaign like this in a very long time. On the one hand there are illicit tapes of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputies with women other than their wives, and on the other hand there are threats about a “great war” starting on June 15.


Turkish parties’ political communications miss the mark, say experts

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
With less than one month until Turkey?s upcoming general elections, experts are debating the efficacy of the leading political parties? communication strategies. While many find the ruling AKP?s tools as ?the most successful? among all, some experts criticize the parties for focusing too much on their leaders and forgetting the people

Being new overseer of the status quo, AK Party

by Mehmet Barlas Sabah
There can be little doubt that the leadership of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) — and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in particular — are feeling the power and the effects of ?change,? especially in their foreign policy regarding the Middle East these days.


Sacrificing the ?Kurdish solution? to the elections

Will the Kurdish question be addressed after the election? Many are optimistic about this. The presence of a stronger Kurdish political movement in the new Parliament and another Justice and Development Party (AK Party) majority government are expected to take the ?Kurdish opening? further. Moreover, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) seems engaged and willing to cooperate for a political settlement that will be deepened after the elections.

Election predictions

by HDN
One indicator of the rising public interest in the CHP was reflected in the ratings recorded for the online interviews the pro-government ATV channel conducted.


The Turkish Two-Step

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

There is a lot of upfront talk by the political parties jockeying for the June election about how to solve the Kurdish ?problem?. Most recently CHP has put forward a number of suggestions like (click here):


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