First blog posts for the workshop “Critical Perspectives on Media and Social Change”

Here is John’s message:

In preparation for the EASA Media Anthropology Network workshop “Critical Perspectives on Media and Social Change”, to be held this 27 May at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, we have invited a number of authors to share their thoughts on media and social change with us via the workshop blog,

You can find the first two contributions on the site, namely Mark A. Peterson’s “Egypt?s experimental moment: Contingent thoughts on media and social change” ( and Jens Kjaerulff’s “Getting a grip on change and continuity” (

Further posts by Ursula Rao, Mark Hobart, Raquel Recuero and Annabelle Sreberny will be published shortly.

We’re very grateful to these colleagues for their contributions. Please feel free to comment on them via the blog and to spread the word!

Many thanks as well to Martijn de Koning for his inspiration and advice with the site.

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