by the way, Istanbul loses a nice festival: Hıdrellez Ahırkapı Şenlikleri… An Istanbul news roundup…

This Istanbul photo by Vasfiye Karoğlu, a former student of mine. She is getting better and better in her photography…

and no more Hıdrellez Festival. It has been a gem of Istanbul for 11 years. This year organizers declared that there will be no more festivals in Ahırkapı, Istanbul…
In Transit: A Romani Festival on the Streets of Istanbul
New York Times (blog)
By ANSEL MULLINS The Spring festival of Hidrellez, celebrated in Istanbul and throughout the region during the first week of May, may be attributed to the ancient prophets Ilyas and Hizir, but its rituals, venerating fire and water, reach back to the

Turkish journalist: ?Most part of Istanbul buildings of 19th century was built
?The whole memory is found out in this way. The exhibition devoted to the Armenian architecture was opened in Istanbul last year and many people accepted with amazing the most part of Istanbul buildings of 19th century was built by Armenians

‘Leonardo’s Bridge’ opera to premiere in 2012 in Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
A bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn was a dream of Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci. The letter that he wrote to an Ottoman sultan 500 years ago to propose the bridge was found in 1950 and now his dream is about to come true. As well as the bridge

Counterfeit goods confiscated at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul police raided 137 stores in the Grand Bazaar on Saturday to chase down counterfeit goods sold in the city’s historic shopping center. Some 90 people were detained during the operation, including three alleged leaders and four public workers,

What makes Aya Sofya so great?

It’s a given that any tourist visiting İstanbul will, along with trips to Topkapı Palace, the Blue Mosque and probably the Grand Bazaar, make the pilgrimage to Aya Sofya (also known as Hagia Sophia or ?Church of the Holy Wisdom?). But what is it that makes this near 15-century-old building, which rises imposingly from the heart of the city’s historic Sultanahmet district, so special?



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