A statue dismantled because it doesn’t meet the aesthetic demands of the primer minister…

Turkey demolishing peace statue

from Yahoo news
Turkey starts demolishing a statue dedicated to reconciliation with Armenia, described by the prime minister as a monstrosity.


The above photo from the Taliban works. I kind of remember their work on statues…

The monument’s execution was a sad scene
Hurriyet Daily News
One other example is the time span and, more importantly, the ramification of the Ergenekon investigation. Those close to the prime minister know that the prime minister is against the long-time span of detention. He may say, ?This is not our job,


Turkey dismantles Armenia reconciliation statue

Sculpture was criticised for overshadowing an Islamic shrine

Work has begun to dismantle a giant sculpture in the Turkish province of Kars, near the border with Armenia, which was meant to promote reconciliation over the loss of Armenian lives in the first world war.


Turkey dismantles Armenia friendship statue: ...

A picture taken in 2009 shows the unfinished statue of “Peace and Brotherhood” in Kars. Turkey began Tuesday to demolish the 100-foot monument near its eastern border dedicated to friendship with Armenia after the prime minister called it a “monstrosity”, Anatolia news agency reported. (AFP/File/Mustafa Ozer)

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