A New Yorker review on Malcolm X and more…

?You?re another of the white man?s tools sent to spy!? Malcolm told Alex Haley when they first met. Photograph by Eve Arnold.

This American LifeThe making and remaking of Malcolm X. by David Remnick


Obama Says White House Tech Is 30 Years Behind

by Charlie White

The president is getting frustrated with antiquated technology in the White House. Appearing at a fundraiser in Chicago, President Barack Obama said the White House is not exactly a high-tech workplace: ?When it comes to technology, we are like 30 years behind.?

US budget deal: Winners and losers

from Mark Mardell | The Reporters by Mark Mardell (the Reporters)

Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. Everyone in my family, that is. We are about to take some holiday, spend some time taking friends round the sights of Washington DC and then visit a national park. Now these attractions will stay open for business.


Dealing with diversity the North-American way, Shilpa Kameswaran

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Shilpa Kameswaran
Being ?caste-blind? in economically shining India might be a wonderful way to fight caste-demarcations in urban mega-centres. But, being ?culture-blind? could prove very short-sighted in the long run. A reply to Rajeev Bhargava

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