Istanbul’s iconic Ali Sami Yen stadium is to disappear soon… an İstanbul roundup…

Bulldozers tear down the stands of the iconic Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul, which witnessed 14 of it former owner Galatasaray's 17 Turkish league titles.  AA photo
Bulldozers tear down the stands of the iconic Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul, which witnessed 14 of it former owner Galatasaray’s 17 Turkish league titles.  AA photo

Authorities begin demolition of Istanbul’s iconic Ali Sami Yen

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Authorities began demolition work Tuesday on Ali Sami Yen Stadium, one of the most iconic venues in Turkish football and the home to Istanbul football giant Galatsaray for 47 years.


Three Greek Schools to Close in Istanbul

by M.A.M

Authorities frequently told that they could not close down schools due to the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, which guarantees the protection of Greek and Muslim minorities in Turkey and Greece, respectively. But a new law on foundations that was enacted in 2008 will greatly ease some of the challenges faced by minority communities in Turkey, according to Laki Vingas a member of the General Directorate of Foundations and spokesperson for Greek Foundations in Turkey. There are an estimated 3,000 people in Istanbul?s Greek community, according to Greek foundations. A total of 220 students currently attend the Zapyon and Zografeion lyceums in Taksim, as well as the Fener Boys Lyceum ? an iconic red-brick building known appropriately as the ?Red School? that is visible in Fatih from Şişhane in Beyoğlu. Greek students in Istanbul could also receive their education under a single umbrella organization in the near future, Vingas said.

Mavi Boncuk |

Istanbul university hosts entrepreneurship summit
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir University organized an entrepreneurship summit in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs’ Club and Incubation Center on Wednesday and Thursday. ?Entrepreneurship Summit 2011: New Generation of Entrepreneurship? brought

Three historical Greek schools to be shut in Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Three schools belonging to Istanbul’s Greek community will be formally closed due to lack of students, paving the way for the group to capitalize on the long-empty buildings’ value, according to foundation representatives.

How to buy a rug in Istanbul
Austin American-Statesman
A skilled weaver demonstrates the intricate motions required for creating a hand-made Turkish rug in Istanbul, Turkey. By Beverly Burmeier My tastes in decorating run more contemporary than antique, so on a recent trip to the Middle East I was stunned

3 Greek Schools Close in Istanbul
Greek Reporter
According to a court’s judgement, the Turkish Education Ministry decided to close three Greek schools in Istanbul due to lack of students. Remarkably, it is the first time since the Treaty of Lausanne that a Greek school is banned

Turkey calls for cooperation to reduce tanker traffic at Istanbul Strait
Turkey’s foreign minister on Friday called on Black Sea countries to reduce tanker traffic through the Istanbul Strait, one of the world’s busiest waterways, by the help of new pipelines and routes to carry oil and gas. Davutoglu addressed a ceremony

Greg Johnson: Istanbul rally a reminder of democracy’s virtues
Knoxville News Sentinel
By Greg Johnson My ears perked at the first sound of staccato drumbeats as we waited for dinner in Istanbul last month. The rhythmic chant over a bullhorn moved me to my feet on our last night in Turkey. Our already extremely educational vacation in

IDO Privatized

by M.A.M

Tepe-Akfen-Souter-Sera, a joint venture that offered the highest bid — $861 million — to acquire İstanbul Ferry Lines (İDO), will intensify its quest to upgrade the current ferry line with diversified services and additional destinations. The privatization value of IDO was rumored to reach $1 billion before the auction.Mavi Boncuk

Istanbul’s SALT taking the lead in innovation
Hurriyet Daily News
?SALT explores critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivates innovative programs for research and experimental thinking,? its posters around Istanbul say. The creation of SALT started back in 2006 with Garanti Bank’s

Istanbul Sapphire, the Blue Beacon
Eye of Dubai (press release)
Designed by Tabanlioglu Architects of Istanbul, the contemporary icon of the city was inaugurated by Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Besides being a luxury residential and a monumental contribution to urban aesthetic,

Haymatlos: Down and Out in the Rumeli Han

by admin

When left alone by real estate developers, the late Ottoman-era hans of Beyoglu are fertile ground for commercial misfits you?d never encounter in more visible locations. Like mushrooms in a dark damp place, some of the city?s most individualistic enterprises ? tattoo parlors, pirate DVD shops, Off Track Betting parlors, risqué lingerie shops and used bookshops ? seem to thrive inside these decrepit old hans.

Istanbul’s top 5 lahmacun makers: The doughboys of Kadıköy

by From
There was nothing simple about selecting the No.1 lahmacun maker in Istanbul.

Istanbul Love Story

by Jenny White

The unlikely love story of a Jewish-Greek couple that met and married in Istanbul over fifty years ago. (Click here for the full article.) An excerpt:

Fortuna was a teenager when she noticed Yani, five years her elder, a fishmonger working in the Grand Bazaar in the heart of old Istanbul. She was Jewish. He was Greek. They met on the boat that crosses the Bosporus. When she told her family about Yani, her mother locked her out of the house. These were observant Sephardic Jews whose ancestors had been forced to leave Spain in 1492. They were active in their synagogue, determined in those first years after the terrible cataclysm of World War II to assert their cultural and religious inheritance?


Istanbul Hip & Cool: Unique, Sophisticated Pleasures In Turkey?s Cultural Capital | Travel Video News

Turkish and Armenian directors’ films shown at Istanbul Film Festival
Hurriyet Daily News
The first films of the project were screened at a special night at the 30th Istanbul International Film Festival on Tuesday. Turkish directors will head to Yerevan in July for the next step in the two neighbors’ collaboration Films from Turkey and

Getting to know İstanbul: The İstanbul Archaeology Museum
Today’s Zaman
Commuters stuck in heavy traffic on one of the Bosporus bridges, packed cheek by jowl in a desperately overcrowded tram carriage or battling their way onto a packed downtown bus may beg to differ, but İstanbul is undoubtedly one of the great cities of

Istanbul: eat a borek, wander bookstores and soak up the exotic
Crikey (blog)
Nicola Heath writes: Possessed of a vast history and sitting at the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul, Turkey exists in popular imagination as both exotic and cosmopolitan. It’s a place where you can feel ok to be a tourist because Istanbul is a

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