Dear readers, Turkey performs great in human rights reports, becomes world leader in imprisoning journalists…

Turkey ‘world leader’ in imprisoned journalists, IPI report says – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Roma | 2010 Human Rights Report: Turkey

by M.A.M

Roma | 2010 Human Rights Report: Turkey

Mavi Boncuk |

There is no firm estimate of the number of Roma in the country. Roma continued to face persistent discrimination and problems with access to education, health care, and housing. In March the prime minister and cabinet held an unprecedented public meeting with approximately 12,000 Roma citizens in Istanbul. At the meeting, the government discussed planned steps to improve the housing and economic situation of Roma in the country. In June the Ministry of Interior asked all governors about the housing needs of the Roma population in each province.

2010 Human Rights Report: Turkey

by M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk | Download PDF 2010 Human Rights Report: Turkey

2010 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices | April 8, 2011

Gülen Schools in US Investigated by FBI

by Jenny White

This post has been updated twice.

The FBI is investigating a number of schools in the US linked to the Fethullah Gülen movement for irregularities in visa-related hires of teachers and administrators and on suspicion that school employees are giving kickbacks to the Gülen group. (Click here for extensive news coverage and details.)

Documents at İstanbul courthouse point to existence of JİTEM
Today’s Zaman
Eight sacks of evidence, including documents, voice recordings and video recordings, stored in a courthouse in İstanbul for future examination, make a clear reference to JİTEM — an illegal intelligence unit inside the gendarmerie whose existence has

Les photos d?un journaliste emprisonné exposées à Istanbul.

by anne


La mobilisation pour Ahmet Sik, le journaliste emprisonné depuis un mois ne faiblit pas.

Ce soir vendredi 8 avril, avait lieu le vernissage de l?exposition Je suis témoin, à la galerie Karsi Sanat (Beyoglu). Organisée par des amis photographes du journalistes, elle présente une trentaine de clichés d?Ahmet Sik, tirés de la série Regard sur la souffrance des autres.

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