“Dokunan Yanar” Digital resistance to Turkish Judiciary. Ahmet Şık’s banned book out in the web…

I was out on Thursday afternoon on some personal issues and while I was offline, I basically missed all the initial excitement: Some people uploaded the banned book entitled as “Dokunan Yanar” [You are burned if you touch] which was previously entitled as “İmamın Ordusu [İmam’s Army]. The book focuses on allegations of Fethullah Gülen movement’s ties within the Turkish police force.

Against some earlier copies claimed to be Ahmet Şık’s books, this copy seems to the be original as it was widely distributed today. It is stated that originality of this copy is confirmed by journalist Aydın Engin.

The copy is a draft. So it is renamed. The final copy will hopefully produced by the author himself when he is free to publish…

People increasingly buy previous books of Ahmet Şık in order to financially help him.

There is talk that in near future there might be a bank account to which people can send donations or the estimated amount of the book if it could ever be published…

Prosecutors had immediately started investigations. Probably who owns the copy now will theoretically be charged.

So more than 100,000 people can be charged (!)

As far as I could see initially 2shared.com and scribd.com were used to spread the news.

Then people began to use emails to send the pdf copy to friends. By the time I was online, I had received two copies thru email…

Let me go back to work and delete the copies before police ambushes to find illegal material here…


Turkish journalist Şık’s controversial unpublished book released online

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
An unpublished manuscript by arrested journalist Ahmet Şık was released Thursday on Google’s online document-sharing service and quickly spread through social media.

L?armée de l?imam mis en ligne sur le Web est bien le livre d?Ahmet Sik

by anne

imam'in ordusu

Les 102 000 internautes qui ont déclaré être en possession du manuscrit saisi la semaine dernière par la justice turque sur la page facebook ?Moi aussi j?ai le livre d?Ahmet Türk?, ne bluffent plus. Depuis quelques heures il est disponible sur Internet. Et ce serait bien le vrai.

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