So, Orhan Pamuk is fined for insulting Turkishness…

Orhan Pamuk to pay compensation for his words, court decides

by  Milliyet
Nobel Prize recipient Orhan Pamuk will pay 6,000 liras in total compensation to five people for writing in 2005, ‘The Turks have killed 30,000 Kurds and 1 million Armenians in this land.’

Legal Landscape of 2010 Dominated by Anti-Terror Law

According to data compiled by the BİA Media Monitoring Report, 220 people, 104 of whom were journalists, stood trial in 2010 in the scope of freedom of thought and expression. 33 people were sentenced to 365 years in prison under the Anti-Terror Law. 30 journalists are in jail.

Reporters Without Borders ‘shocked,’ EU concerned by book hunt

by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
Reporters Without Borders and the European Union?s Enlargement Commission have condemned recent attempts by the Turkish police to confiscate all known copies of an unpublished draft copy of a book by journalist Ahmet Şık.

L?armée de l?Imam – les internautes turcs narguent la censure sur facebook

by anne


En 2 jours, plus de 65000 internautes turcs ont rejoint une page facebook y pour déclarer ? Moi aussi je possède le livre d?Ahmet Sik ?. Pourtant L?armée de l?Imam, le livre en question, une enquête du journaliste sur l?influence du mouvement de l?imam Fethullah Gülen, n?a pas encore été publié. Mais s?il rassemble déjà autant de fans prétendant le posséder, ce n?est pas une opération de marketing de sa maison d?édition. C?est la réponse d?internautes en colère contre la justice turque, qui vient de déclarer complices d?une organisation criminelle,  tous ceux qui auraient le manuscrit en leur possession, et refuseraient de le lui remettre.


Facebook Apologized to Journalist Çakır – Group Re-Opened

The Facebook Turkey team apologized to journalist Çakır for closing down his account and the “Homology” group he administers “by mistake”. Access to another group that called on Minister Kavaf to resign is still blocked.

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