Vehbi Görgülü: Who?s This RedOne Guy Rockin? 2010?s Mainstream Pop Scene?


Who?s This RedOne Guy Rockin? 2010?s Mainstream Pop Scene?

It?s not been a long time since we had encountered the GaGa explosion in the mainstream music arena, with the release of her debut, ?Fame?. Sure GaGa is a phenomenon by herself, and the biggest candidate for Madonna?s throne with flamboyant stage performances, extravagant costumes and songs written by herself.

RedOne is the man hiding behind the stage, rising to notice as the producer of Lady GaGa material hitting the charts, and the creator of unique ?GaGa sound? as well-put by several music critics. Without RedOne, Lady GaGa sure would do well by spending time in one of Timbaland?s grand studios, but would not go further than production quality of Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, as both singers hit the charts in mid-2000?s thanks to Timbaland?s unique combination of hip-hop and radio-friendly U.S. pop.

RedOne, on the other hand, presents Euro-pop to America, which was regarded as inferior compared to hip-hop until very recently in the States. Thanks to Lady GaGa hits as ?Poker Face?, ?Just Dance? and ?Alejandro?, the smashy beats of RedOne, reviving the outdated euro-pop sound of 1990s, made the producer to be discovered by Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Mary J. Blige, Little Boots, Usher, Mika and even by French chanteuse Mylene Farmer.

Lady Gaga

So RedOne can be seen as a career survivor: Nicole Scherzinger could hardly hit Billboard Top 100 Single Chart, after her endeavour to exist without Pussycat Dolls within the mainstream music scene until very recently. By courtesy of RedOne, Scherzinger released her debut album a few days ago, and reached No.3 with her new single ?Poison? in United Kingdom. Now, ?Killer Love? and ?Club Banger Nation?, a resurrected La Bouche-style Euro-diva pack, stand in the primary ranks to be next singles to hit the charts.

Another R&B singer called upon RedOne was Jennifer Lopez, whose singles haven?t topped the charts since 2003?s LL Cool J duet, ?All I Have?. With a new single, ?On The Floor? crafted by the producer, Lopez received her highest chart success in the last eight years by reaching No.5 on Billboard. No need to mention details about further collaborations: Mary J Blige?s Zeppelin cover ?Whola Lotta Love?, ?Remedy? of Little Boots, Mylene Farmer?s one of the best-selling hits ?Oui?Mais Non?, and many more.

As Timbaland is losing ground in U.S. pop scene, which had been dominated by one-hit-wonder hip-hoppers and ass shakers for the last fifteen years, RedOne offers ?new blood? ideas with the old but refreshed formula of Euro-pop, celebrating cheesy classics of ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette, Aqua, and even Spice Girls, and makes the States appreciate the European pop music for the first time in music history.  Seeing J.LO ?rockin? the floor? with a hit single containing European flavor that would hardly reach Top 100 ten years ago, it would not be an overestimation to claim that European pop-stars as Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams, who struggled for decades to reach the mainstream audience in America and never succeeded, to be seen in US charts very soon.
Who is RedOne?

RedOne (Nadir Khayat) is a Morocco-born, Europop-inspired producer from Sweden, deciding to move to United States after the global success of dishing up the official melody of FIFA World Cup Theme Song, ?Bamboo? in 2006. After delivering couple of remixes for Jennifer Lopez and ex-Ricky Martin band Menudo, the producer was discovered by Kat DeLuna?s label and was asked to produce the whole of Dominican singers debut record. The story went on by his meeting Lady Gaga to work on her debut album, and to produce hit singles including ?Poker Face?, ?Just Dance?, ?Boys Boys Boys? and ?LoveGame?. The debut single, ?Just Dance? became one of the best-selling hits of music history with a number of 7.7 million copies sold. The producer was also recently hired for Lady GaGa?s extended record ?Fame Monster?, Nicole Scherzinger debut ?Killer Love?, Mylene Farmer?s ?Bleu Noir?, and J.LO?s anticipated release ?Love??.

Influences: Abba, Europe, Roxette.

MIKA, RedOne – Kick Ass (We Are Young):

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