Journalists protest latests Ergenekon arrests as Turkey goes thru a dark year for press freedom. Human rights roundup…

Eylemden kareler

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Turkish Journalists Association: “A Dark Year for Press Freedom”

from Bianet :: English
After eleven people, mostly journalists, were taken into custody under the Ergenekon investigation, the Turkish Journalists Association warned that “crimes of thought are on the rise again”. The Contemporary Lawyers Association sees a fair trial endangered.
Most dailies today see the arrests of journalists from the first page…

Opposition, lawyers, colleagues slam police raids on Turkish journalists
Hurriyet Daily News
Şık was also currently working on the news desk of the website forBilgi University. ? Translator and writer Doğan Yurdakul, who occasionally writes for Oda TV, published two books with the site’s owner, Soner Yalçın: ?Bay Pipo,? about the National


EU concerned at detention of Turkish journalists | Reuters

Füle slams Turkey on media freedom | EurActiv

Seven journalists arrested in Turkey
The Guardian
They were among 10 people detained as part of an official inquiry into Ergenekon, an ultra-nationalist clandestine group accused of trying to launch a coup against the government headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Among those under arrest is Nedim Sener,

Journalists detained after police raid Ergenekon’s media leg
Today’s Zaman
Şık, a journalism professor at Bilgi University in İstanbul, is already on trial for a book he co-authored about the Ergenekon case. After the Odatv raid, he had predicted a new police investigation against him, according to Turkish news sources

International press organizations slam raid against Turkish journalists
Hurriyet Daily News
International press organizations reacted harshly Thursday against a new wave of police raid on the homes of several people, including journalists, as part of the ongoing Ergenekon case. ?We are very concerned about the recent developments concerning

Another attack here. Well-known TV journalist Mirgün Cabas is under threat here:

New inquiry names 7 persons of interest in Turkish politician’s death

from Hurriyet Dailynews by KAHRAMANMARAŞ – Anatolia News Agency
A recent investigation into the death of the leader of a nationalist political party in Turkey concluded Thursday with a request that seven people, including two journalists, be brought up on charges of murder.

And in the mean time, we have also misogynistic columnists:

This Leggs ad for Dacron slacks, apparently from the 1970s or 1980s, attains a level of raw offensiveness not normally seen after the 1950s. VIA

Storm of Protest against Misogynistic Column

from Bianet :: English
An article by columnist Ardıç of the Sabah newspaper created quite a commotion in the Turkish media. The misogynistic writing was criticized as racist, discriminating, sexist and humiliating by professional journalist organizations.

and other issues:

Bones of the Disappeared Get Lost again after Excavation

from Bianet :: English
At a meeting of the Association for Solidarity and Support of Relatives of Disappeared People, Tosun demanded to disclose classified state documents to learn who his buried where. Bektaş urged for reasonable accuracy and care during and after the excavations.


End of PKK Ceasefire

from Bianet :: English
The Union of Kurdistan Communities announced the end of the ceasefire declared in August last year as a response to the government’s failing to take concrete steps to the solution of the Kurdish question.

11-month Prison Sentence for Criticizing “Co-Wife” Proposal

from Bianet :: English
Journalist Topçu was sentenced to eleven months in jail on the grounds of his criticism on Rize Mayor Bakırcı who had suggested “co-wives for Kurds” in order to solve the Kurdish question. At the same time, Black Sea journalists associations condemned recent police violence against journalists.


Prison “Forgot” about Prime Suspect’s Sanity Report

from Bianet :: English
The third hearing on the murder case of Ayşe Paşalı revealed that the prison failed to send detained defendant Yetkin to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an examination of his sanity as it had been decreed in the previous hearing. The ÇHD was not accepted as co-plaintiff. 

Turkish-Armenian Offered Government Post

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

State Minister and Turkey?s chief European Union negotiator Egemen Bağış has announced that the Secretariat-General for EU Affairs (ABGS) has offered Turkish-Armenian Leo Süren Halepli the position of EU specialist. Halepli was notified of the offer on March 1 but has not yet responded with a decision?

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