On career change- as essay by Sevcan

The boss was too bad so I decided to be an entrepreneur.

Today while I was watching the second part of etohum summit of entrepreneurship, Tuğrul Tekbulut from Logo said this sentence.

?The boss was too bad so I decided to be an entrepreneur.?

And I remembered a detail.

Last year, so many people changed their job or only quited. When I looked at my Linkedin profile, I saw that over 40 percent of my LinkedIn contacts have changed their jobs in 2010. The only question must be ?why??

It is obvious that the reasons for job change are different for different people with some being quite common. I will not search or write the main reasons now.

I will only say something to my friends. Carrier planning seems like a game but it is not a game that we played during our childhood.

And also if it is a game, it has changed. Jobseekers can do their networking without looking just like shopping. And also if you need a job, or just want a better one, please be aware of the difference between social networking sites.

And ask yourself.

How often can people change careers?

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