US offensive against Wikileaks starts through Twitter

US orders Twitter to hand over account data on Wikileaks and multiple Wikileaks supporters

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The U.S. Justice Department has ordered Twitter to hand over data associated with multiple user accounts, in preparation for legal action related to Wikileaks.

Twitter Subpoenaed by U.S. Government for Wikileaks Accounts

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Is the Guardian predicting WikiLeaks’ demise?

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Yesterday a commenter on this blog noticed that the British version of was offering pre-orders of an as-yet-unavailable book called The End of Secrecy: The Rise and Fall of WikiLeaks. The author? According to the website, it’s the Guardian, the newspaper that collaborated with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on the release of its last several batches of U.S. government cables, until the relationship soured in November.

Julian Assange and the journalists

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2011-01-06: Observations on Israel Shamir in Counterpunch: Julian Assange’s Deal With the Devil

Israel Shamir, the subject of some controversy in a recent Guardian piece has published an interesting article at Counterpunch, which not only tries to address many of the concerns raised in the Guardian, but takes the battle to the Guardian, and takes up the cause of Wikileaks quite forcefully.

Vanity Fair profiles Julian Assange: Wikileaks threatened to sue Guardian over leaked cables

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VF’s feature on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is now available online. Snip:

US tightening security and secrecy, post-Wikileaks

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Steven Aftergood at FAS: “The Obama Administration is moving to increase the security of classified information in response to the massive leaks of classified documents to Wikileaks in recent months. The White House Office of Management and Budget yesterday issued a detailed memorandum (pdf) elaborating on the requirement to conduct an initial assessment of agency information policies and to initiate remedial steps to tighten security. Agency assessments are to be completed by January 28.”

WikiLeaks: cables indicate Japan asked USA for help fighting Sea Shepherd

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Wikileaks and Julian Assange hire a PR firm

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has secured the services of a public relations firm “after a series of damaging blows to his image,” reports the SMH. “He’s appointed London public relations firm Borkowski, owned by master publicist Mark Borkowski?which has a four-member team dealing with media enquiries about him?and an online weekly media conference to deliver messages from him and WikiLeaks.”

EU foreign policy and Wikileaks
The Comment Factory
Where is the strong Europe that was ready to accept Turkey, Russia and even Israel? Wikileaks does not tell us, and it is certain that newspapers now

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