by the way, There was a big scale prisoners strike in Georgia, USA

Rodriques Dukes, a prisoner in the Isolation Unit at Hays State Prison, peers out of his cell. Hays is known as one of Georgia?s ?toughest,? according to National Geographic Channel, at, which features more photos and a video. ? Photo: Derek Bell
news here, here and here.

In support of Georgia prisoners strike ? sign the petition


In support of Georgia prisoners strike ? sign the petition

Please take a minute to click onto the following link and sign on to the
Solidarity Statement/petition in support of the Georgia prisoners? strike,
the largest strike of prisoners in US history. Beginning on December 9,
2010, thousands of prisoners who are forced to work for free took
non-violent action together across racial divisions. Their demands are
listed in more detail below are: A living wage for work, increased
educational opportunities, decent health care, an end to cruel and unusual
punishment, decent living conditions, nutritional meals, vocational and
self-improvement opportunities, access to families, and just parole

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