Wikileaks’ next target is Bank of America- Cablegate roundup

Confirmed: Wikileaks’ next target is Bank of America

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Buried in that Times of London article you didn’t read because it was behind a paywall was confirmation by Julian Assange that Wikileaks will release a very large cache of documents about Bank of America, to be released in early 2011.

Michael Moore on Wikileaks on Maddow

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Filmmaker Michael Moore was a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show this evening, and the topic at hand: Wikileaks.

by Juli Sanchis

Wikileaks ? a topic for European Studies?

from Ideas on Europe by kosmopolito

The wikileaks saga has certainly been an exciting thing to follow. There has been a huge debate about the impact of ?cablegate? and how wikileaks redefines journalism, international politics, human rights, terrorism, history and internet freedom? Some argued that we haven?t learnt anything new from the cables, others claimed that this is a history-changing moment. Some argue that it is a great exercise in transparency, others think it will damage diplomacy for many years to come.  However, everything has also been overshadowed by the Julian Assange story.

WikiLeaks hints at Israeli-Palestinian cooperation

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A diplomatic message released by WikiLeaks suggested close cooperation between Israel and forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas when rival Hamas militants overran the Gaza Strip three years ago.

Cartooning Wikileaks in the Middle East
About – News & Issues
I wanted to focus on how the Middle East took to the Wikileaks dumps though. And here the difference between Middle Eastern interpretations and American

Did Kofi Annan try to buy off Mugabe in 2000?

from Wiki Leaks by Elizabeth Dickinson

You thought you’d heard about every attempt to get Robert Mugabe to step down from office: sanctions, suspension from the commonwealth, economic isolation, and even free and fair elections in 2008 that Mugabe actually lost. Apparently, however, there may have been one attempt that we all missed a decade ago. According to a September 2000 cable, an opposition source believed that then-United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan approached Mugabe with a financial retirement package abroad:

What WikiLeaks tells us about Argentina and Palestine

from Wiki Leaks by Ian Bremmer

2010-12-21: WikiLeaks / Espionage Act Hearing: Wainstein

from WL Central by knowledgeempire

Testimony of Kenneth L. Wainstein (Editor’s note)

Assumptions made (stated as fact) by Wainstein:

Assange fears Swedish ‘injustice’

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Julian Assange tells the BBC he is fighting a Swedish extradition warrant because he believes “no natural justice” would occur in Sweden.

Wikileaks: True Drama and Trying Times for Diplomats

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed
Editorial Team: Worldwide audiences got glimpses behind the curtains of U.S. embassies around the world with the publication of the second round of documents by Wikileaks. Most German diplomats and politicians however refused to be swept along by the media hype and stressed the importance of the transatlantic partnership. The real dilemma faced by diplomacy in the digital age is how to maintain the secrecy of sensitive data and protect the trust essential to the successful conduct of daily business.

Wikileaks and open diplomacy in the age of information
Public Service
Some other Wikileak cables report that Pope Benedict XVI ‘might prefer to see Turkey develop a special relationship’ with the European Union short of full

Wikileaks: What’s inside the #Cablegate dump, day 23

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

(Image contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr pool by BB reader Tom Blanton)

A reminder that various news organizations are still doing the hard work of digging through the Wikileaks-leaked US diplomatic cables, and parsing out the newsworthy contents. The Guardian’s archive of daily recaps is here. We’re now 23 days into Cablegate, and today’s edition is here: it includes a nod to related coverage in the New York Times and Der Spiegel.

Why did Apple remove a Wikileaks app from its store?

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Wikileaks: Manning’s attorney on the laws he’ll use to fight inhumane treatment

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

David E. Coombs, the attorney representing Bradley Manning, discusses the laws that apply for attempting to secure more humane treatment for the young man in the Marine brig in Quantico:

Assange’s “already assassinated” comment, clarified

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

In a roundup post earlier today regarding all things Assange, I noted a comment made by the Wikileaks founder in a wide-ranging BBC News intervew: “People affiliated with our organisation have already been assassinated.” I didn’t get it, neither did many others, judging by the proliferation of “WTF?” in my tweetstream. A Wikileaks volunteer points to this as the source of that reference: a report of Wikileaks writers in Kenya having been killed in 2009. I cannot yet confirm the content of the article, but I’m updating the blog to note that this is what Assange was referring to.

WikiLeaks: imperial precedent, James Renton

from open Democracy News Analysis – by James Renton

In December 1917 British imperial troops occupied Jerusalem, ending four centuries of Ottoman rule. Earlier that year, the British Empire also took control of Baghdad, and was advancing across the middle east. In Asia and the West, the British government spread the message that they were bringing a new age of national freedom to the Arabs. Unfortunately for Whitehall, however, the newly installed Bolsheviks in Russia had their own message to tell the world. A couple of weeks before General Allenby, the chief of British forces in Palestine, made his official entrance on foot through the Jaffa Gate of the old city of Jerusalem, the Bolsheviks published the secret agreements that they had just discovered in the Russian archives.

Wikileaks declared English-language Word

from The Global Language Monitor by PJJP

Another New Media Company that Passes into the Language

AUSTIN, Texas December  21, 2010 ?, which that has increasingly upped the ante of the kind of information that it leaks into the public sphere from anonymous sources, has been deemed an English language word by the Global language Monitor.  GLM recognizes a word as being part of the English language once it meets the requisite criteria of geographic reach as well as ?depth and breadth? of recorded usage.

2010-12-22: CIA Launches W.T.F. to Assess Cablegate Damage

from WL Central by knowledgeempire

The CIA has launched a new task force to assess the impact of Cablegate. The Wikileaks Task Force, apparently termed W.T.F., will focus on media exposure and the repercussions of the newest cable releases.

WikiLeaks / Espionage Act Hearing: Oversights

from WL Central by knowledgeempire

In his testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Wainstein falls prey to a few fallacies of reason and, strangely, ignores a handful of facts; he fails to address these facts at all and even assumes they are false. This could be a result of the fact that he is either not well-informed, or being dishonest. I do not take a stance on which of these is the case but sincerely hope that the evidence will be taken into account in the event of an espionage trial for Wikileaks.

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