Turkey,the 53rd in personal armament rates.

Plus a social fabric roundup….

There is a a blog that supports personal armament in Turkey. It provided a list of personal armament rates in the world:

World ranking
Country Population Armament per 100 persons. (%)
1 USA 304.201.200 88,8
3 Switzerland 7.437.100 45,7
4 Finland 5.246.100 45,3
6 Cyprus 757.800 36,4
10 Sweden 9.024.100 31,6
11 Norway 4.623.300 31,3
12 France 60.873.000 31,2
13 Canada 32.299.000 30,8
15 Germany 82.469.400 30,3
23 Greece 11.104.000 22,5
52 Armenia 3.016.400 12,5
53 Turkey 72.065.000 12,5
79 İran 68.251.100 7,3
102 China 1.304.500.000 4,9
112 Syria 4.833.300 3,9
The Small Arms Survey 2007
The Graduate Institute | Geneva

Turkey is the bravest heart in Europe, poll says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey is Europe?s bravest country, although an entrepreneurial spirit is rising in the continent on the whole, a recent entrepreneurship poll indicated.

Gays in the Turkish Military

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Turkey has no possibility of conscientious exemption from its required military service, but if you can prove you are a homosexual, that might keep you out of the army. To read about the humiliating and frustrating process this involves, read ?Do Ask, Must Tell? by Piotr Zalewski in Foreign Policy here. (Excerpt below.) The extremely negative attitudes toward homosexuality in Turkey are shared by the military, the government and much of the population. There is no prospect in the near future of this changing. Indeed under the AKP regime, treatment of gays and lesbians and their organizations have gotten worse (something I?ve documented on this blog). And with regard to the military, it is one area where Turkey is vastly out of step with the EU and NATO.

Kurdish women in Southeast Turkey grow strong support networks

Christian Brother Killed Inter-Religious Couple

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK
ANKARA – A young inter-religious couple were shot to death in Istanbul?s Fatih district on Saturday by bride?s brother.
According to reports from the crime scene, the murder took place on Cevdetpasa Avenue in the district?s Seyitomer neighborhood. Police teams identified the victims as a Turkish Armenian woman, Soney Vural, and Muslim Turkish man, Zekeriya Vural who had married despite opposition of the bride?s family. The crime scene report suggests the murderers fired one bullet at each victim, targeting their heads.

A few notes on Turkish collective labor law

Last week two separate legal releases were published in the Official Gazette. The first concerned a change to the Tapu Law, which regulates the provision of Land Registry services provided by the state.

Balade à Yuksekova par jour d?émeutes kurdes : partie 1 – hautes températures.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

Depuis les journées noires des fêtes de fin de ramadan et la colère qui avait explosé après l?attentat de Geçitli, en septembre les émeutes avaient cessé dans la province d?Hakkari sur la frontière entre la Turquie, l?Iran et l?Irak. Le cessez le feu décrété par le PKK jusqu?aux prochaines élections semblait avoir aussi annoncé une trêve de ce côté là.

From cradle to grave no more: Youth protests in Turkey and elsewhere

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Interviews by KLAUS JURGENS
Have you ever helped to organize a public event or political demonstration of any kind? I have. Do I condemn young people taking to the streets and exercising their democratic rights? How could I, having done it myself when I was younger. Have I ever resorted to violent tactics? Certainly not.

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