Euro roundup: EU Summit ends, European eGovernment Action Plan in 22 languages etc…
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EU summit: The conclusions

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

We now have a full copy of the conclusions reached by the European heads of government. Not many surprises in there, but I thought I?d post an annotated version below for those interested in EU arcana

EU summit: The view from Stockholm

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

Out at Belgium?s bucolic National Botanic Gardens, where centre-right leaders are having their pre-summit gathering, a hard, cold rain is keeping most heads of government away from the press.

EU summit: Merkel sends calming signals

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was one of the last to arrive at the pre-summit gathering of centre-right leaders outside Brussels, but on the way in, she had some calming words to offer.

Some diplomats had feared Merkel would insist on new language to be included in the otherwise benign treaty amendment scheduled to be debated tonight, making the approval process more complicated.

EU summit: The morning after, Barroso hits back

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

EU summit: And they?re off?

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

Leaders have finally arrived at the Justus Lipsius building, headquarters of the European Council, and have begun their deliberations over changes in the EU treaties and next steps in the eurozone crisis.

As we expected this morning, the main point of nervousness is still over how hard Angela Merkel will insist that changes in the treaty include tough language ensuring a the newly-created bail-out system only be used as a last resort.

EU summit: Treaty change language

from Brussels Blog by Peter Spiegel

Not an Open Europe, but a Strong One

from NYT > Turkey
Safeguarding “the integrity and credibility” of the European Union requires building on strength and knowing where to draw the line.

Podcast: Interview with the European Parliament?s social media team

from Public Affairs 2.0 by fhbrussels

Secret bid to hold EU budget for 10 years

from – World, Europe

MAIN FOCUS: EU resolves on euro crisis action plan | 17/12/2010

from euro|topics

The EU summit decided on a permanent mechanism for protecting the euro in Brussels on Thursday. Commentators on the one hand call for sweeping measures such as euro bonds but on the other criticise encroachments on the sovereignty of member states.

The need for a credible bargain ? what the EU should learn from today?s #EUCO Twitter wall experience

from Jon Worth by Jon

Berlusconi-bashing tweets shut down EU summit experiment

from – Headline News

European eGovernment Action Plan in 22 languages

by Grahnlaw

Into this blog post I have corralled materials from the EU Commission on the eGovernment Action Plan, much of it available in 22 official languages of the European Union.

Why Italy still has Berlusconi

from – World, Europe
No opposition has presented an ideological alternative that voters prefer over the long haul. Nor does the opposition have one now, writes Christopher Caldwell

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