Time’s choice for the 2010 Person of the Year. My a**. Cablegate roundup continues

I have nothing to do with Mr. Zuckerberg. This is about Time editors’ cowardice…


Time refuses WikiLeaks founder 2010 Person of the Year
American Time magazine’s readers have chosen Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, in the weekly’s annual poll for Person of the Year, as Turkey’s Prime

Mark Zuckerberg Is TIME?s ?Person Of The Year?

from All Facebook by Jorge Cino

Zuckerberg? Really?

from FP Passport by Blake Hounshell

Judging by my Twitter feed, Time has managed to tick off the entire Internet in selecting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as its “person of the year” — the youngest to earn the title since Charles Lindbergh. The magazine’s rationale: “for connecting more than half a billion people and mapping the social relations among them; for creating a new system of exchanging information; and for changing how we all live our lives” is not likely to mollify the Twitterati, who tend to be a snobbish crowd. (Sample: “Time Magazine just named its Person of The Year 2007.”)

?Time? Names Mark Zuckerberg Person of the Year

from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was named Time Person of the Year

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Federica Cherubini

Mark Zuckerberg
, co-founder of Facebook, was yesterday named Time magazine’s 2010 person of the year.

Wikileaks: U.S. Air force blocks more than 25 news sites that published secret cables

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

I cannot recall a media blackout this massive ever having been implemented on a US military computer network. This is unprecedented.

The Wikileaks Revolution, Part 2: Notes from the Insurrection

from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by Maximilian Forte

On this site ?The Wikileaks Revolution? (the first article in an ongoing series of three) provided a survey of opinions on what kind of turning point Wikileaks represents. At the same time I worked on a related article, with a nearly identical title, for CounterPunch, which was published today: ?The Wikileaks Revolution: Notes from the Insurrection.? That is instead my own take on the Wikileaks movement as ushering in a revolutionary conjuncture.

WikiLeaks makes waves, but no tsunami
Turkey reaffirms commitment to the West. Is Istanbul the new Ankara? Turkey finally lets go of the IMF’s hand. VS Naipaul insults to Islam

If you rule by code you will fall by code: the philosophy of Wikileaks, Luis de Miranda

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Luis de Miranda

Humans are animals of protocol. Our behavior is determined by rules – conscious and not. Until recently, the protocol was an instrument of hegemonic power: the rule-ing elites were makers and masters of the protocols that were used to control the people. The writing and policing of protocol was reserved for the elite.

The Jimmy Mubarak scenario

from Wiki Leaks by Blake Hounshell

Report: Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning subjected to “cruel and inhumane treatment” at Quantico brig

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Glen Greenwald writes about the conditions under which 22-year-old Pfc. Bradley Manning, presumed to be the source of classified documents published by WikiLeaks, is being held at the Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia. He’s been held there for 5 months, but has not yet been convicted of any crime. Greenwald interviewed “everal people directly familiar with the conditions of Manning’s detention, ultimately including a Quantico brig official (Lt. Brian Villiard).” He writes that Manning is being held “under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture,” conditions “likely to create long-term psychological injuries.”

WikiLeaks inspires feminine hygiene billboards in Pakistan

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

New WikiLeaks cables detail BP blowout in Azerbaijan 1.5 years before Gulf disaster

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

US builds case against Assange

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

If you read Wikileaks you are a felon

from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder

Darlene Storm of Computerworld writes: “Dear Americans: If you are not ‘authorized’ personnel, but you have read, written about, commented upon, tweeted, spread links by ‘liking’ on Facebook, shared by email, or otherwise discussed ‘classified’ information disclosed from WikiLeaks, you could be implicated for crimes under the U.S. Espionage Act — or so warns a legal expert who said the U.S. Espionage Act could make ‘felons of us all.'”

Brazil: WikiLeaks and doubts over technology transfer in French fighters

from Global Voices Online by Thiana Biondo

By Thiana Biondo · Translated by Thiana Biondo · View original post [pt]

The WikiLeaks website has released a document that raises doubts about the main reason behind the Brazilian interest to buy French fighter aircraft: the possibility of transferring the technology of construction. According to a dispatch that Counselor Minister Lisa Kubiske sent to Brasilia in November 2009, many components of the French aircrafts are manufactured in the USA, as indicated by one of the last cables published by Wikileaks in Portuguese [pt]:

2010-12-16: German newspapers call for WikiLeaks protection

from WL Central by admin

A group of German newspapers, including Die Tageszeitung, Der Freitag, Die Frankfurter Rundschau, Der Tagesspiegel, the European Center For Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and online news site Perlentaucher.de published a joint statement against the attacks and legal threats to WikiLeaks.

2010-12-15: FAIR: We Support WikiLeaks

from WL Central by admin

FAIR (Freedom and Accuracy in Reporting) has published a petition in support of WikiLeaks, signed by Daniel Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Barbara Ehrenreich, Arundhati Roy, Medea Benjamin, Tom Morello, John Nichols and more. The text reads:

Human Rights Organizations Worldwide Decry Attacks on Freedom of Expression

from EFF.org Updates by katitza

It has been almost two weeks since cablegate.wikileaks.org, the website hosting leaked US diplomatic cables, was taken down, and the right of Wikileaks to publish truthful information was immediately besieged. Since then, human rights organizations around the world have condemned the attacks on WikiLeaks and have raised their voices to protect freedom of expression online.

Spawn of WikiLeaks

from Wiki Leaks by Cameron Abadi

Just how many documents does WikiLeaks have?

from Wiki Leaks by Charles Homans

Time’s Barton Gellman pens a very good profile of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, a runner-up for the magazine’s 2010 person of the year. He also buries the lede on the last page of the story: that WikiLeaks’ cache of government documents may be much, much larger than the organization has claimed to date:

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