Sosyal Medya tonight (@sosyalmedyatv). 15th episode with @gokhanturkmen @ceydak @kaansezyum

Here comes another Sosyal Medya night for me. Mondays are my busiest days of the week this semester. 1 hour office hour, 3 hours of lecture afternoon and then after mostly working on blog and doing a little bit of reading I rush to the studio in İkitelli, close to Hürriyet building there.

Tonight we have 3 guests. Kaan Sezyum is cyberculture columnist at Radikal and a definite internet phenomenon. He rarely appears at TV and we are grateful that he accepted our invitation.

Kaan Sezyum (

We will have Gökhan Türkmen, a singer who owes his reputation to internet.

And finally, we will have  Ceyda Karan, chief editor in world news department of Haberturk. Well, inevitably she will focus on Wikileaks. … and well I have seen her in TV screens so many times and already in love her perspectives and of course with her aura emanating from the screens; now it is time to see her offline:)

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