Sevcan on the new period at @SosyalMedyaTv

The logo, the concept, even the make-up artist has changed. The last one was about the presenter. From now on, M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu will be with Sosyal Medya.

Yesterday, we had a surprising experiment when we saw him on screen. Guests were so relaxed while talking and the dialogues were so enjoyable. @mserdark is a good guide and wishes to continue to be a part of Sosyal Medya.

Here are some of the titles as comments that I read from twitter when the program started.

–          The logo (Yellow one was favourite.)

–          Duration of the program (1 hour was not enough)

–          Decor (will be more attractive)

Also during the program, the traffic on twitter was so high and nice to follow.

To watch all videos, please click and follow @sosyalmedyatv on twitter. And you can watch the last episode on Sunday on TrtHaber again:) Time is not clear for now.

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