A possibly another grave failure from Turkish judiciary: Pınar Selek found guilty…

Sociologist guilty in 1998 Spice Bazaar blast, top Turkish court rules

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that the 1998 explosion in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar was caused by a bomb placed there by sociologist Pınar Selek.
NTV interview with Ms Selek in Turkish here.

In Turkey, Kurdish writers once needed pseudonyms. Now they have a master’s program.

from Yahoo news
For 20 years, Tekin Cifci explored his native Kurdish language in secret, hiding behind a pseudonym when writing for semi-underground Kurdish magazines. For much of that time in Turkey, the use of Kurdish was banned ? an utterance on the street could mean time in jail.

Legal Procedures against Taraf Journalists Kütahyalı and Miroğlu

from Bianet :: English
Two Taraf newspaper writers are in the eye of the judiciary once again. The Ministry of Justice issued permission for an investigation about journalist Kütahyalı. Kurdish politician and journalist Miroğlu is tried for expressing his thoughts on the Kurdish question.

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