for the record: PKK had threatened TAK, its offshoot

PKK’s Leadership Threatens Group That Carried Out Istanbul Attack

Istanbul’s Taksim square near a police station where the bomber blew himself up.—– Photo/Reuters. ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan: The leadership of the

Offshoot of PKK claims responsibility for Taksim bombing

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A Kurdish terrorist group has claimed responsibility from Sunday’s suicide attack in Istanbul’s Taksim Square that injured 32 people.

Group claims Turkey suicide bomb

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
A radical Kurdish group, the Kurdish Freedom Falcons, say they carried out a suicide bombing in central Istanbul on Sunday that injured 32 people.

Journalist Balbay Demands Re-evaluation

from Bianet :: English
Defendant Mustafa Balbay requested a ?new evaluation? of the ?Coup Diaries? after an investigation into ret. Generals Örnek, Yalman and Fırtına resulted in the separation of the file form the Ergenekon trial.

Kurdish Speaking Defendants Silenced at Court

from Bianet :: English
In the third week of the “KCK trial”, procedures reached the presentation of the defence. 152 defendants are tried for their alleged affiliation with the Democratic Confederation of Kurdistan. When the defendants spoke Kurdish, the microphone was switched off.

ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ – Hate crimes in Turkey

The Human Rights Agenda Association, of which I am a part, is currently conducting a project called ?Combating Hate Crimes in Turkey.? Among other things, we plan to hold two public conferences on the subject, the first of which was already held on Oct. 16 in Ankara.

AYŞE KARABAT – Hate crimes remain an issue

The vandals who attacked the Greek Orthodox cemetery in Gökçeada on Oct. 28 not only broke gravestones but the hearts of those in Turkey who strongly believe in living side by side in accordance with the principle of mutual respect.

Kurdish Singer Tunç Aquitted

from Bianet :: English
Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc was acquitted regarding his statement “”After 25 years you are opening a new window to peace and brotherhood from Eruh”. Tunç was facing imprisonment of up to 15 years under charges of propaganda for a terrorist organization.

Ball lands in top Turkish court for trying 1980 coup plotters

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor?s Office has decided it does not have the authority to pursue a case against the parties responsible for the 1980 coup.

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