Embarrasing finding: Handicapped people are humiliated…

A survey indicates that 65% of handicapped persons in Turkey are subject to humiliation… (news in Turkish)


What Turkish women watch? A survey by RTÜK here again in Turkish…(a clue: Turkish soap operas, news and health programs)

Investing in Turkey: mind your Ps & Qs

Financial Times (blog)
Telling journalists after a meeting on Oct 26 that he expected a 15 to 20 per cent correction on the Istanbul Stock Exchange by the end of the year ? though

Top 5 Cheeses in Istanbul Turkey

Religion and Work Ethic Values: The Case of Turkey

by Reflection Cafe
The Case of Islam and Turkish SME Owner-Managers
Selçuk Uygur, Phd Thesis, 2009
Brunel University, London
The aim of this thesis is to explore the influence of religion on the work ethic values of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owner-managers in Turkey. The emergence of religious/pious business people in Turkey has been regarded as a phenomenon. This research pays special attention to the religious transformation and secularism in Turkey. It is based on semi-structured qualitative interviews with 32 Turkish SME owner-managers. The sample of the study has been divided into two groups: The practicing Muslim Turkish managers (the religious group), and non/less practicing Muslim Turkish managers (the secular group).

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