ANDREW FINKEL: A columnist bites the dust (Oktay Ekşi)

Oktay Ekşi

FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK – An obvious end

Many have called the resignation of Hürriyet daily chief columnist Oktay Ekşi from the paper, in the wake of insulting the prime minister and other ministers, a tragic and exemplary case.

Löning Criticised Legal Proceedings against Journalist Ekşi

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The German Human Rights Commissioner, Markus Löning, warned that Turkey is constantly losing ground on press freedom. In a meeting with journalists on press freedom in Turkey, he criticized PM Erdoğan’s targeting of journalist Ekşi.

Prime Minister Litigates Journalist Ekşi

from Bianet :: English
Prime Minister Erdoğan filed a TL 100,000 (? 50,000) compensation claim against Hürriyet newspaper and its former editor-in-chief Ekşi on the grounds of a column entitled “We have not been as critical as we should”.

ANDREW FINKEL – A columnist bites the dust

I realize that some of those whose opinions I value the most will be out taking a collection to treat me to a course of psychiatric treatment. How can you possibly feel conflicted about the resignation of Hürriyet?s chief columnist, Oktay Ekşi, they will be muttering among themselves. Not even the most bleeding heart liberal has that much blood.

New RTUK Bill: Family, Language and Culture Protected

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This is a news item from Hurriyet Daily News.  Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc comments on the new RTUK (Radio and Television Supreme Council)


Notable Moments From the 2010 ONA Conference

from MediaShift

“Welcome to the conference where journalism supposedly doesn’t know it’s supposed to be dead.”

Those were the welcoming words from Online News Association executive director Jane McDonnell as she opened the 2010 Online News Association Conference.

Newspapers now generate just 20 percent of AP’s revenue

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

The Associated Press’ revenue from newspapers has declined by one third since 2008, from US$220 million a year to about $140 million, revealed. Newspapers’ contribution to the wire service’s revenue is now only 20 percent.

Developments in investigative journalism in US and UK

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Grace Donoso

The Center of Public Integrity is to adopt a new strategy that will aim to match donations with earned income in the hope of finding a more sustainable path for nonprofit journalism, reported Politico. The Center’s website will seek to become a high-traffic destination and generate revenue through advertising and membership.

How and why has foreign reporting declined in the UK?

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Emma Heald

The amount of international news in British dailies has significantly decreased in the last thirty years, according to a study by Martin Moore of the Media Standards Trust. The report, Shrinking World: The decline of international reporting in the British press, looked at exactly how international news has shrunk, and speculates as to why and what it means for the news landscape.

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