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… by Sevcan

We were trying to organize an event to celebrate the removal of the ban on YouTube in Turkey. But we changed the event topic as DNS Solution instead of YouTube complexity. (We were joking..)

So many people were using social media tools to spread their reaction and when I saw @ardaerdik?s twit on twitter, I wanted to write a little post about this issue.

Via Arda Erdik ?YouTube will be open only at holidays.? (Talking about the public ones, ofcourse not weekends J )


YouTube in Turkey: Catch it While You Can?
“We’re back to square one, basically,” says Yaman Akdeniz, a professor of law at Istanbul’s Bilgi University and a leading critic of the Turkish

Turkey reinstates YouTube ban

from Yahoo news
A Turkish court has reinstated a 30-month ban on YouTube just days after it was removed, as a dispute continued over the video-sharing website’s refusal to remove content deemed illegal in the EU candidate country.

YouTube Reposts Videos That Led to Ban in Turkey

from Yahoo news
YouTube reposted videos that led to a 30-month ban on accessing the site from Turkey, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

Report: YouTube faces new ban in Turkey

from Yahoo news
Turkey’s telecommunications authority will again block access to YouTube unless the video-sharing site removes a sex video of a former opposition party leader, the state-run news agency reported Tuesday.

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