“anthropological” approach to Turkish accession: “We are all little bit from Turkey”

Kölner Express Headline “We are all little bit from Turkey”

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

“The appearance and dispersion of the first farmers in Europe has been the subject of heated debate among anthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists for over a century. While each discipline focused on different aspects of this grand topic, the central point of contention is what may be regarded as the demographic nature of the process. There is lack of consensus regarding two main aspects:
(1) the extent to which the transition to farming was an indigenous process, involved some admixture between incoming farmers and local hunters, or a population replacement process; and
(2) the historical pattern in terms of the timing and tempo of the dispersion events.” from Ron Pinhasi, A new model for the spread of the first farmers in Europe.

Mavi Boncuk |
Some findings of the Palaeogenetics Group [1] at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Institute of Anthropology

The Anatolian Hypothesis

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk | The Anatolian hypothesis is also called Renfrew’s Neolithic Discontinuity Theory; it proposes that the dispersal (discontinuity) of Proto-Indo-Europeans originated in Neolithic Anatolia. The hypothesis suggests that the speakers of the Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) lived in Anatolia during the Neolithic era, and associates the distribution of historical Indo-European languages with the expansion during the Neolithic revolution during the seventh and sixth millennia BC.

Israeli minister calls for tourist boycott of Turkey

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Israel’s tourism minister calls on his countrymen not to holiday in Turkey, after reports that Turkey?s National Security Council defines Israeli policies as a threat.

US and Turkey clash looms over Nato

from FT.com – World, Europe
Ankara’s reluctance to endorse Nato-wide missile defence plans, as well as its objections to language in the alliance’s new guiding “strategic concept”, is threatening to upset next month’s Nato summit in Lisbon

Turkey’s relationship with west on the line in European missile defence negotiations – Telegraph

Turkey`s Dual Track Approach Toward The Kurdistan Regional Government

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Dr. Gönül Tol is the Executive Director of the Center for Turkish Studies at the Middle East Institute. Mavi Boncuk
October 28, 2010

Turkey`s Dual Track Approach Toward The Kurdistan Regional Government
By Gönül Tol

BERİL DEDEOĞLU – European Far-right factions & their alliances

When some take a glance at a map of Europe, Turkey may seem very intimidating, given that this country?s dimensions are quite big. Some people like to designate threats just by looking at maps, and it?s not a new thing, either, to label people as ?bad,? ?not wanted? or as ?the other.? Of course, when people say that others are bad, what they really want to say is that they themselves are the good ones.

ABDULLAH BOZKURT – NATO ?missile game? in Turkey

Some of the greatest resistance to NATO’s current missile proposal advanced by the United States is coming from military people in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), albeit there is no uniform opinion on how to proceed.

Turkey policy paper: Israel’s actions threaten Mideast – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

AMANDA PAUL – The Cyprus conundrum

Cyprus is a beautiful island, but sadly a hostage to a history of being divided for over three decades.

Despite new legislation there is still a long journey ahead for Turkey – New Europe

ÖMER TAŞPINAR – Time to rethink Turkish-American relations (1)

It is hard to avoid a sense of gloom and doom in Turkish-American relations when you look at the deteriorating dynamics of this once-strategic partnership. There has been a paradigm shift in the nature of Turkish-American relations. The changing geostrategic context of the post-Cold War era is finally catching up with Turkish-American relations.

The ?missile shield? and Turkey?s position in the debate by MUSTAFA KİBAROĞLU

In the run up to the Lisbon Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Nov. 19-20, plans to erect a missile defense system in Europe to protect the territories and the populations of the allied countries against the ballistic missiles in the hands of unfriendly countries continue to make the headlines.

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