European Far-Right parties unite against Turkey

Member of the European parliament of the Austrian right-wing Freedom Party, FPOE, Andreas Moelzer and the party’s leader Heinz Christian Strache, from left, attend a press conference after a meeting with European right wing parties in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak) (Ronald Zak – AP)

Far-right parties to push for EU-wide vote on Turkish accession

from Hurriyet Dailynewsby
Several European far-right parties who oppose Turkish membership in the EU say they will push for a referendum on the subject. (UPDATED)

Turkey’s EU membership bid could founder on wave of Islamophobia

from Yahoo news
Turkey is increasingly unwelcome in Europe as the rise of Islamophobia crushes much of the optimism that this economically and militarily powerful Muslim country will fulfil its long-standing dream of joining the 27-nation European Union.

BERİL DEDEOĞLU – EU countries? interest in Turkey

We have for some time now observed that the frequency of visits by EU countries? political leaders, retired politicians, representatives of NGOs, journalists and parliamentarians has considerably increased. We ignore whether their Turkish interlocutors get the occasion to visit EU countries as frequently. However, it is almost certain that while EU interest in Turkey increases, Turkey?s interest in the EU stagnates.

Easterly EU expansion off the table for a decade

from – Headline News

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