KCK trial today. This trial might determine the fate of “Kurdish problem”…

update: no releases today

Defense in Kurdish marks first day of KCK trial
Today’s Zaman
Security experts say he is responsible for the close ties between the KCK and the Ergenekon terrorist organization, a clandestine gang that had planned to

Alleged members of KCK, Urban wing of PKK, are on trial today. Many elected mayors from the Kurdish cities have been held in prison for nearly 1 year as suspected members of KCK. This will be the first trial and the results may determine the outcome of Kurdish opening. But of course, one should expect much from the politically conservative judiciary…

KCK Trial Starts with Protests

from Bianet :: English
151 Kurdish politicians and rights defenders will appear at court for the first time on 18 October in the scope of the KCK trial. The case is being observed by many local and international organizations. Some defendants face life sentences.

About 150 Kurds go on trial in Turkey

from Yahoo news
ANKARA, Turkey – A Turkish court has started to hear the case of more than 150 Kurds, including a dozen elected mayors, on charges of membership in a political wing of the separatist Kurdish guerrilla group.

EMRE USLU – The PKK?s new organizational structure

The Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) has been transforming its organizational structure in accordance with the necessities of the new Kurdish society, an urbanized Kurdish society. Between 1984 and 1999 the PKK was considered a rural guerilla organization. The main body of the organization was formed of guerillas who were fighting on the mountains.

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