Eurobarometer’s E-Communications Household Survey/ Olivier Roy on ‘Islam in Europe’

E-Communications Household Survey

Europeans are becoming increasingly “digital” according to a European Commission Eurobarometer survey which questioned 27,000 households throughout the EU on their use of internet, telephones and TV. More Europeans are subscribing to broadband internet and digital television in fixed-cost bundled ‘packages’. Increased broadband take-up means even more Europeans are going online with 35% now using social networking websites. However, they have concerns about cost, quality of service and security, as well as online freedom. One fifth of fixed and mobile internet users reveal that they have experienced problems with blocked content and applications. The Commission’s May 2010 Digital Agenda for Europe not only sets ambitious targets to bring broadband internet to all of Europe’s citizens but also outlines measures to boost competition, trust and security.

Immigrant taboo

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Debate was a no-go in Germany – but not any more

Roma MEP sees French row as golden opportunity

from – Headline News

Interview with Olivier Roy on ‘Islam in Europe’

by Reflection Cafe

Oliviér Roy talked recently to Eren Gvercin about issues central to the debate about Islam in Europe, from revolutionary milleniarism to Muslim Lutheranism. Roy?s recent books include Islam Confronts Secularism and Globalized Islam.

German Politician Makes Anti-Immigrant Remarks

from NYT > Turkey by By JUDY DEMPSEY
Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavaria, said in an interview with a German magazine that Turkish and Arab migrants were no longer needed in the country.

France gripped by pensions stand-off

from Hurriyet Dailynews by PARIS – Agence France-Presse
French train services and oil refining faced a second day of severe disruption as the stand-off over President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reform plans escalated.

MAIN FOCUS: Growing protest against Sarkozy | 13/10/2010

from euro|topics

The strikes against the planned pension reform in France continue today, Wednesday. On Tuesday the number of demonstrators reached a new high at roughly two million. According to the press things are getting dangerous for Sarkozy’s government, and people are unhappy about a lot more than the raising of the retirement age.

How much EU law is there? Smart regulation and impact assessments

by Grahnlaw

Quantity and quality are different things, but the European Commission offers an approximate answer to the question how many legal acts there are with European Union origin.

This detail is found in the Report from the Commission:

France to miss EU deadline on Roma

As it appears that France will miss the 15 October deadline given by the European Commission to prove the legality of its Roma expulsions policy, the EU executive will make its case “stronger” against Paris, EU officials told EurActiv.

Smart Regulation in the European Union

by Grahnlaw

Yesterday we looked at the number of EU regulations and directives. We also made some general remarks about the benefits of business regulation at EU level, the regulatory burden versus potential benefits, and the better regulation agenda of the European Commission, including the recent evaluation of impact assessments: How much EU law is there? Smart regulation and impact assessments (13 October 2010).

Letter From France: Hamburger chain’s decision sparks tensions over Islam

from Wash Post Europe by Edward Cody

In a telling measure of the growing Muslim presence in France, Quick, a homegrown hamburger chain trying to compete with McDonald’s, began serving halal hamburgers last month in 22 of its 367 restaurants, producing an outcry among some political leaders.

Marie Antoinette for the 21st Century

from Social Europe Journal by Gabor Gyori

Hungary?s unfortunate conservative government never got to bask in the glory of its overwhelming victory in the municipal elections on 3rd October because the very next day marked the beginning of what soon emerged as the country?s worst industrial accident/environmental disaster in a long time, maybe ever.

STATESMEN: German Reunification and the New Europe

from Project Syndicate by Michel Rocard
Twenty years after German reunification, a new generation has arrived at power – one that has never known war firsthand. That is good news for Germany, but not necessarily for the EU.

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