“Nearly 200 Pentagon cybersecurity regulations…. in a chart…

Nearly 200 Pentagon cybersecurity regulations, all on a handy, 2-foot-long chart

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Here’s a mindblowingly complex and exhaustive info-chart outlining the 193 documents that govern the activities of the Pentagon’s geek squads………….

?Pep Rally? ? a truly exogenous trending topic on Twitter

from apophenia by zephoria

Logging onto Twitter to check out a few things quickly before running off to a homecoming football game, I couldn?t help but notice something important: ?Pep Rally? was trending as a US trending topic. I immediately clicked on through and found countless teens commenting on their school pep rallies. These teens were posting about pep rallies that were happening at different schools across the east coast. The fact that teens are on Twitter still comes as a surprise to some but what surprised me about this trending topic is that it?s the first truly exogenous trending topic I?ve seen teenagers produce.

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