Signs of black propaganda in Western press against Turkey


It looks like a Republican strategy allied with elements from Israeli forces…. AKP funded by Iran, A Turkish combat pilot joining Taliban… Turkey-China ties…

Bashing Turkey is a misguided GOP campaign strategy

Lexington Herald Leader – Rafael Reuveny
Secular Turkey is gone, they cry; the Turks have reverted to Islam. The Turks, they argue, threatened Israel on May 31 by sending a flotilla of humanitarian

WASHINGTON POINT: Turkey-Israel relations continue to worsen in New York

Turkey attempts alternative EU negotiation tactic – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Turkey’s EU accession: the Norwegian solution | Robert Ellis | Comment is free |

from Turkish Digest

González warns against cheating Turkey

Felipe González, chairman of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, warned yesterday (4 October) that the EU should honour commitments made to Turkey, which ten years ago was given the prospect of European Union membership.

From dream to reality: Turkey-EU relations in the 5th year of EU accession negotiations by EGEMEN BAĞIŞ

?We stood our ground and we succeeded???We stood tall and we succeeded???Atatürk, rest in peace???Turkey?s path to the EU goes on???Europe step by step ? Civilizations met, a new era started??

Will Turkey bring Syria and Israel back to the table? Doubtful

from FP Passport by Max Strasser

BERİL DEDEOĞLU – Sarkozy?s eventual Turkey visit

There are reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy may visit Turkey very soon; however, the date and the purpose of this visit are not yet clear. What is being frequently said is that this visit will occur before the end of the year.

AMANDA PAUL – Turkey?s EU wish list

Fresh from the government?s Sept. 12 referendum victory, Turkey?s  chief EU negotiator Egemen Bağış, was in Brussels earlier this week gushing with joy over the recent achievements of his government.

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