@sosyalmedyatv @mesutyar @ismailhpolat Tonight, the 7th episode of Sosyal Medya

sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

Here comes the 7th episode of Sosyal Medya. I was less involved in this episode in choosing guests. Still, sort of satisfactory issues to be discussed. Our main guest is Mesut Yar, a popular satirist TV news commentator and also Posta daily columnist. He will talk about relations between humor, media and social media.

Mesut Yar’s official site here.

Our another guest is Prof. İsmail Polat, is a scholar at Kadir Has University who specializes in new media. He will talk about the latest wave of web censorship in Turkey… His blog is here.
Finally, we have a blogger and founder of mezun.com, Zorluhan Zorlu. He will talk about new job opportunities that emerge with the rise of social media… His current blog is here.

the program can be watched here.

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