Sevcan on the 8th Golden Spider Web Awards

Yesterday I was at ?8. Golden Spider Web Awards? which  was organized by DorukNet.  It was at Kuruçeşme, Arena and when I arrived there, I was praying God for having a good time because it took 1,5 hour to get there from Nişantaşı by taxi.

First of all, I have to say that the seating arrangement was very bad. We had VIP invitation but I could not get what the difference from other seats was. There were about 3500 guests and we hardly found two seats at the back.

The first part of the awards ceremony took only 16 minutes and it was very strange that they gave the awards to the winners at once. While they were taking photos in a place that anyone can see, we were watching the stand up show called ?Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar.?

This pattern happened 3 times.

The announcer (Yosi Mizrahi) who has so many experiences about this kind of shows and award ceremonies tried to focus on the people but they were so many on the stage and so many times he forgot one of them to give the award.

Apart from the general course of the ceremony, if we need to look for award winners;

Awards were given in 33 categories in total. Except the categories, 15 interactive agency received “Agency Achievement Award.” IGOA and Zadaca agencies were the best who won lots of awards.

Financial Services –

News ?

Community and Social Communication ?

E-commerce Sites –

Entertainment ?



Enformatics /Hasrdware & Software:


Online Banking:


Event/ Culture and Art:

Real Estate :



Public Authority:



Fashion/ Accessory / Cosmetics / Textile:


Retail / Merchandising:


Adv/Pr/Interactive Acencies Sites:


Classifieds / Career / HR:


Civil Society Organizations / Social Responsibility:



Celebrity Sites:

Manufacturing / Industrial:


Best Accessible Website (Special Awards) ?

At the end of the night there was the concert of Nil Karaibrahimgil. She has worn a special costume looking like an insect caught in the spider web.

official site here.

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