Sarkozy’s France: A Land of Intelorance- Roma policy, Burqa ban, Le Monde scandal

French face veil ban passes last legislative hurdle

from Hurriyet Dailynews
France’s proposed ban on full face veils in public cleared its last legislative hurdle Tuesday when the Senate approved a bill outlawing the garments.

The burqa ban: it’s complicated

from FP Passport by Blake Hounshell

Roma expulsions: France versus Europe

by Grahnlaw

It was not like jumping a few red lights, but more like recklessly racing on the wrong side of the road, trying to bulldoze every approaching vehicle off the tarmac. The European commissioner for justice, Viviane Reding, was left with no choice. She finally issued a sharp statement on the French government?s targeted mass expulsion of Roma.

MAIN FOCUS: EU attacks France’s Roma policy | 15/09/2010

from euro|topics

The European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has sharply criticised France’s government for its expulsions of Roma and announced it will take legal steps. The EU’s clear-cut reaction to Sarkozy’s scapegoat strategy was long overdue, Europe’s commentators write.

France bans burqa, evacuates Eiffel Tower

France’s proposed ban on full face veils in public cleared its last legislative hurdle when the Senate approved yesterday (14 September) a bill outlawing the garments. In the meantime, the Eiffel Tower was evacuated following a false bomb alert. The French press writes that the police took the alert “seriously” following the burqa ban.

France, the Roma, and the Divine Right of States

from Nosemonkey’s EUtopia by nosemonkey

In the 17th century, Britain fought a civil war over the principle that no one ? not even the King ? should be above the law. This conflict resulted in the destruction of the concept of divine right in Britain and the gradual emergence of the system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy that has formed the basis of so many constitutions ever since (yes, even some of those without monarchs involved).

Sarkozy’s shameful Roma actions

from – World, Europe
Shamelessly scapegoating an ethnic minority for political advantage is a bad way to tackle immigration. Mr Sarkozy has been criticised by members of his own government for his attitude to the Roma. It should not need Viviane Reding to oblige him to listen

Roma dispute threatens to engulf EU summit

from – Headline News

France: How to help Europe close ranks against your country on Roma expulsions

by Grahnlaw

Through and other sources I have tried to follow the voices of Europeans on justice commissioner Viviane Reding?s attempt to stem the tide of ethnically motivated collective expulsions of Roma from France.

French politicians hit back at Reding

from European Voice – RSS – News & analysis

UMP members describe Reding?s attack on France on Roma expulsions as ?scandalous? and ?grotesque?.
? Reding slams France on Roma expulsions

EU condemns French Roma crackdown

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
EU Commissioner Reding delivers a stern rebuke to France, saying its “disgraceful” treatment of Roma (Gypsies) may trigger legal action by the EU.

ALDE welcomes Commission action against France over Roma

from ALDE News

“In response to our concerns on the situation of Roma in France, Europe is finally proving its worth by not ignoring xenophobic, discriminatory, and nationalist policies perpetrated by Member States. We welcome Commissioner Reding’s action announced today to bring fast-track infringement proceedings against France. This confirms that we were right and it must be a warning to any Member States that the EU does not ignore or compromise on breaches of European fundamental rights” said the president of the ALDE Group, Guy VERHOFSTADT.

Le Monde to take legal action as it accuses Sarkozy government of illegal probe into journalistic sources

from Editors Weblog – all postings
by Emma Heald

Le-Monde-newspaper-logo.pngFrench daily Le Monde has accused the Nicolas Sarkozy government of investigating one of its journalists who was looking into the Woerth-Bettencourt affair, which it claims is in violation of the principle which necessarily places journalists at odds with those in power.The paper is pressing charges against unnamed persons in an attempt to ensure that, both now and later, “the freedom of the press is strictly respected,” read an editorial from today’s paper.

MAIN FOCUS: Basel III bolsters financial system | 14/09/2010

from euro|topics

The stock markets have reacted positively to the new Basel III regulations. On Sunday the central banks and regulatory authorities of 27 countries agreed on a stricter capital reserve framework for banks. The new rules will stabilise the financial system, writes the press, but they must be backed up by additional measures.

EU stuck in debate over economic ‘indicators’

European Union leaders meet on Thursday (16 September) as part of ongoing discussions to better coordinate their economic policies in the wake of the Greek debt crisis. But although progress has been made on some issues, discussions remain deadlocked over a proposed set of indicators to broaden economic surveillance among EU member states.

?Romagate?: Nosemonkey slams politicians above the law

by Grahnlaw

Why the ?Romagate? affair with the French government positioned against the values and rules of the European Union is important, is forcefully driven home by Nosemonkey?s EUtopia: France, the Roma, and the Divine Right of States.

?Romagate?: France exposed and Reding rising

by Grahnlaw

After the exposure and then the reactions from Nicolas Sarkozy, Pierre Lellouche, Eric Besson and Chantal Brunel (to name a few), it is refreshing to find that some want to evaluate the actions of the French government on the merits of the case.

France blocking agreement on hedge-fund regulation

from European Voice – RSS – News & analysis
Treatment of non-EU managers causes problem

Germany goes global: farewell, Europe, Ulrike Guerot

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Ulrike Guerot

The long, hot German summer managed to drain the energy from the vivid debate that had preceded it regarding Germany?s role in Europe. But the related questions that had dominated the early months of 2010, highlighted in particular by Greece?s debt crisis – what happened to German leadership, and (more broadly) why has Germany fallen out of love with Europe – have not gone away.

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