Flooded with good news: “Turkish film wins Lion of the Future Award at Venice

Photo from Hurriyet Daily News

Another Great Turkish Film

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

Another great Turkish film to see! At this rate, we?ll be in the movie theaters every night. And it?s a good thing.
A scene from Çoğunluk….

Turkish film wins Lion of the Future Award at Venice

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The Golden Lion award at the famous Venice Film Festival, which ended Saturday, went to ‘Somewhere,’ a film from Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter, director Sofia Coppola. Young Turkish director Seren Yüce’s film ‘Çoğunluk’ (Majority), the story of a middle-class young man who rebels against his father’s brutish authority, won the Lion of the Future Award, which is given to a director’s debut film

Russian documentary film: extinct, or almost. Interview with Vitaly Mansky. Part two, Mumin Shakirov

from open Democracy News Analysis

Mumin Shakirov:

Many critics think Russian documentaries are hopeless – gloomy, if you will. Directors usually find their characters in the provinces, far away from Moscow, rather than in lively modern offices in the cities. And the Russian provinces are depressing.?

French film-maker Chabrol dies

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
One of France’s best-known film directors, Claude Chabrol, has died at the age of 80, according to the AFP news agency.

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