EP condemn France on Romas, France doesn’t mind…

Parliament demands France immediately stop Roma expulsions

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Sarkozy, EPP lose Parliament vote on Roma

from EurActiv.com
The centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), which houses French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s troops in the European Parliament, failed to bloc a resolution today (9 September) strongly condemning France’s expulsions of Roma.

Euro MPs condemn France over Roma

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Euro MPs call on France to suspend immediately its controversial deportations of Roma (Gypsies).

France not off the hook on Roma, Brussels says

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Barroso: The state of the Commission?s Work Programme

by Grahnlaw

Yesterday The European Citizen called José Manuel Barroso?s ?State of the Union? address The Commissarial Speech (8 September 2010).

According to Eurocentric:

Roma: Not all alike

from anthropologyworks by admin
Roma beggar in Paris. Credit: Seb Ruiz, Creative Commons licensed on FlickrRoma beggar in Paris. Credit: Seb Ruiz, Creative Commons licensed on Flickr

Guest post by Sam Beck

The European Union must be held accountable if European states continue to expel Roma from member countries. The expulsions are taking place because Roma have created settlements not only in designated campgrounds but also within urban boundaries. This is not new. However, the scale and density of such settlements disturbs the sensibilities of Europeans. This is not only a West European phenomenon. Events of intolerable discrimination are also taking place in East Central Europe and the Balkans from which many of these Roma originate. The history of anti-Roma sentiments in both East and West Europe is torturous and long-standing.

ALDE: We need a European Policy for Roma Integration

from ALDE News

“France is profiting from Europe’s most vulnerable population (the Roma), by paying ?300 per adult, and ?100 per child for them to leave the French territory.  Thus, the French government, on the pretence that the repatriation is voluntary, has convinced itself that buying off the Roma´s conscience is a humanitarian act.  It is regrettable that in 2010 the country which is the birthplace of human rights, has stooped to such methods” said Renate WEBER (PNL, Romania), ALDE coordinator for the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Internal Affairs (LIBE) during a debate on the Roma situation in the EU.

MAIN FOCUS: Barroso’s weak state of the EU address | 08/09/2010

from euro|topics

EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso has for the first time delivered an address on the state of the European Union. But Tuesday’s much-awaited speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg has failed to meet people’s expectations for strong EU leadership, writes the press.

Prodi preceded Barroso?s first EU ?State of the Union?

by Grahnlaw

Many of us have believed (and reported) that EU Commission president José Manuel Barroso held the first ?State of the Union? address for the European Parliament, but instead it was his first.

EU is confidently moving forward every day, says Daniel Hannan: Campaigns for EU ?in or out? referendum in Britain

by Grahnlaw

As nationalism rises, will the European Union fall? This was the question posed by professor Charles Kupchan, of Georgetown University and the US Council on Foreign Relations, in The Washington Post (29 August 2010).

Suddenly, we are offered a contrary view.

Should pro-Europeans and others, discouraged by the European Union?s descent into institutional confusion, intergovernmental bickering and lack of leadership, take heart?

A Landmark EU Ruling by the European Court of Justice on the Prohibition of Online Lottery Betting Services in Germany

from EU Pundit by Andis Kaulins

Eric Pfanner at the New York Times reports on a landmark decision by the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the European Union, in E.U. Court Bats Down Germany?s Protection of Betting Monopolies.

The Grand Chamber [Plenary Session of 13 of the 27 Judges] of the Curia held in its judgment as follows :

IRELAND?S EU partners are poised to brush aside the Government?s reservations about a data transfer pact with Israel by backing a plan to allow the storage there of sensitive personal data on European citizens.

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