Turkey has to negotiate for membership with countries who have f*ckhead statesmen like Thio Sarrazin…

Jewish gene, Muslim brains talk tarnishes Bundesbank

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Migrants from countries such as Turkey and Morocco depend on the state and are making the country ‘dumber,’ Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin claims.

Berlin launch: Anti-islam book by German bank exec Thilo Sarrazin

from cafebabel.com by eurotopics

The former politician launched his book ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’ (‘Germany abolishes itself’ on 30 August in Berlin. Criticism of Germany’s immigration policy is legitimate, writes the Italian, German and Austrian press, but don’t attack muslims. Translated European press review selection

You Can Insult Turks, But Not Jews

from The Istanbulian by Emre Kızılkaya

Thio Sarrazin, a board member of the German Central Bank, has been giving several examples of racism and hate speech against Turks in Germany for almost a year.

MAIN FOCUS: Thilo Sarrazin attacks Muslims | 31/08/2010

from euro|topics

German Federal Bank board member Thilo Sarrazin presented his book Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany abolishes itself), which takes a critical perspective on Islam, on Monday in Berlin. Criticism of Germany’s immigration policy is legitimate, writes Europe’s press, but it should stop short of offending Muslims.

The Three I?s-Complex hits Germany

from Social Europe Journal by Rene Cuperus

And finally it came to Germany, the all-disrupting debate about the Three I?s-Complex ? Immigration, Integration and Islam -, a debate which threatens to turn all established politics, as we know it upside down. Germany has been contaminated by moral panic, because of Deutschland schafft sich ab, a book by Thilo Sarrazin, a former SPD-politician and current  boardmember of the Bundesbank. This has lead to tumultuous  headlines and uproar in talk shows on German television.

End the hypocrisy and talk Turkey

from FT.com – World, Europe
As long as Turkish membership of the EU raises the prospect of mass emigration to the rest of the bloc, it will be impossible to sell it to western European voters, writes Gideon Rachman

AMANDA PAUL – Turkey?s dying EU Flame

For as long as I can remember EU membership was the big foreign policy goal of Turkey. Today the bubble that was Turkey?s EU dream has well and truly burst. Five years since Ankara began membership talks, the relationship is in worse shape than it has ever been, with growing ambivalence and opposition on both sides.

Turkey is a bridge too far for Europe

from FT.com – World, Europe
Even if freedom of movement is limited, the challenges of integrating the country into the Union are simply too great ? and will remain so for at least a generation, writes Josef Joffe

Russia, Iran, Iraq, Greece no longer ‘national threat’ to Turkey

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey is set to remove Russia, Iran, Iraq and Greece from a list of countries considered threats to national security in one of the most significant security reviews since the Cold War. (UPDATED)

Israeli soldiers accused of aid flotilla theft

from FT.com – World, Europe
The Israeli military is investigating accusations that its soldiers stole laptop computers and other equipment from pro-Palestinian activists on board the Gaza aid flotilla

De-facto sign of current US-Turkey relations

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
It is a first in the U.S. and Turkey diplomatic relations that a U.S. Senator blocked president of the US? ambassadorial nomination to Ankara post.

Israel not cooperating with council probe of flotilla raid, UN official says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A U.N. official has said Israel isn’t cooperating with the U.N. Human Rights Council’s probe of May’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

1 thought on “Turkey has to negotiate for membership with countries who have f*ckhead statesmen like Thio Sarrazin…”

  1. F*ckhead statesmen to negotiate with are everywhere, in any country, even in Turkey……..

    Talking about f*ckheads: Dutch negotiations with Wilders to form a new right wing government have failed. After some weeks of talks, some Christian Democrats had doubts about mr. Wilders’ stance about Islam and the freedom of religion and about the effect of his remarks about foreign politicians.


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