Pamuk says ‘yes’ to reform package… Towards referendum (7)

Nobel winner Pamuk says ‘yes’ to reform package
Today’s Zaman
Turkey’s Nobel-prize winning author Orhan Pamuk has said he will vote ?yes? on the Sept. 12 referendum on a constitutional amendment package.

Turkish opposition leader ‘tweets’ on amnesty debate

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The leader of the main opposition Republican People?s Party, or CHP, hit the ground running with a new online communication account on Twitter, posting 21 messages in three days.

‘Yes’ group marches in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu ahead of referendum

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Members of a group called ?It?s not enough, but ?Yes!?? Platform met in Istanbul?s central Beyoğlu district on Saturday to march in support of the constitutional amendments package.

Avcı ignores strong evidence in denial of Dink murder’s dark links
Today’s Zaman
The report said six defendants in the trial of Ergenekon had telephone conversations with defendants in the Dink case prior to Dink’s murder.

Increase Autonomy Abroad, Capture Society at Home

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

A very good article on Turkey by Yüksel Taşkın in MERIP (Middle East Report). (Click here)

Here?s an excerpt:

?Turkey?s positions have inspired many journalists and policy analysts to postulate that Turkey is pursuing an ?Islamic? agenda that entails a deliberate distancing from the West?.Such analyses misinterpret the AKP government?s objective, which is not to break with Turkey?s traditional cooperation with the US and EU but to increase Turkey?s relative autonomy vis-à-vis those powers?.

A misleading video resurfaces in Turkey?s referendum campaign

by istanbulnotes

Alparslan Altan. Does the name ring any bells? If you rely on English-language sources for news of what?s happening in Turkey then the answer is probably no, for he seems to have made no ripples. But in the Turkish-language media, Mr Altan was the subject of some controversy earlier this year. More recently, he has been the focus of an online video clip that has been circulating in the run-up to next month?s constitutional referendum.

Some news regarding Turkey III

from Blogactiv

To begin with, I?ve decided to read again the Hürriyet daily news newspaper and to post comments there for several weeks. However, I want to stress that I had stopped commenting articles on that newspaper during several months. I want to explain why:


from Blogactiv by admin

The CHP does not support the AKP?s efforts to change the constitution for the following two reasons:
1)A question of methodology: the need for social consensus

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