Hanefi Avcı: Latest hero of the Ancien Régime


Hanefi Avcı is currently a police chief in Eskişehir. He used to have higher positions but he was put under political pressure when he had talked about the gang organizations within the State. He had been accused of being “government’s man” by Kemalists.  But with his recently published book, Haliç?te Yaşayan Simonlar; Dün Devlet Bugün Cemaat which became an instant best seller, he emerges as the latest hero of secularist front. He claims that the police establishment in Turkey is heavily controlled by Fethullah Gülen movement. In fact, this is a public secret. Many believes that already, now someone declares it publicly. However, while doing that, Mr. Avcı downplays the role of “deep state” in many recent events or assassinations. For instance, Hrant Dink’s killer was nationalistly motivated, there is no organization behind him.. Mr. Avcı gives some what they want to hear and if anything discomforting there, that part will be a fiction by AKP. That’s how some perceive the Ergenekon Case: it is all a fiction by AKP….


It is also funny to see that secularists rush to buy the book in bulk believing that the book will be censored and they will not get the truth (they already have). AKP people should take this perception seriously. the level of delusion is scary…

Police chief’s new book claims religious organization infiltrates gov’t
Hurriyet Daily News
In the book, many of the judges and prosecutors appointed to cases investigating the alleged Ergenekon gang, the Council of State attack in 2006 and the

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