Erkan in Ireland to attend EASA 2010 conference (#easa2010)

11th EASA Biennial Conference: Maynooth, Ireland
24-27th August 2010

Crisis and imagination


I have arrived Maynooth, a beautiful town near Dublin, Ireland. There are several Turkish friends attending and we did hang out today in the streets of Maynooth. Our sign of Turkishness today included passing on red lights (as passengers of course- green lights do not seem to happen at all) and shopping for food. When we were back to our accommodation in the campus, we had full of bags in our hands. I had also bought all Irish newspapers I could find.


The Shaman’s Song and Divination in the Epic Tradition

from Anthropology of Consciousness by KURT CLINE

SPECIAL SECTION: The Future of a Discipline: Considering the Ontological/Methodological Future of the Anthropology of Consciousness, Part II?

from Anthropology of Consciousness by MARC BLAINEY

Anthropology Featured in ?Mad Men?

from American Anthropological Association by Damon

AMC?s popular series ?Mad Men? recently featured the ?The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture,? authored by anthropologist Ruth Benedict in 1946. T

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